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Suggestions for Improving Groups

1. Clarity.

    a. Develop a team purpose statement or team charter.
    b. Identify the roles and responsibilities for individual team members.
    c. Insure all team members understand how their roles and responsibilities contribute to the team's success.
    d. Insure all team members understand the standards for evaluating team success.

2. Commitment.

    a. Insure all team members agree with the team's purpose and goals.
    b. Insure all team members are comfortable with their individual roles and responsibilities.

3. Practices.

    a. Gather feedback to review and revise team processes.
    b. Develop agreed-upon processes for making team decisions.
    c. Spend time in team meetings reflecting on team successes and failures.

4. Participation.

    a. Make sure everyone is encouraged to voice their ideas in team meetings.
    b. Insure team members practice good listening skills during team meetings.
    c. Bring up, discuss, and work to resolve team conflict as it occurs.
    d. Confront problem behavior immediately and directly.
    e. Insure team members agree with and will back up team decisions.

5. Capabilities.

    a. Arrange for or provide training to help team members.
    b. Provide coaching and feedback to help team members develop skills.

6. Power.

    a. Devise ways to help the team get the resources it needs to accomplish its goals.
    b. Take the time to celebrate and learn from team successes.
    c. Help the team identify root causes of problems and mistakes.
    d. Devise strategies to prevent team mistakes from happening in the future.

[taken from Air Force material, edited]


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