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Project 3: Group Assignments

Version: Sun Apr 11 20:16:06 EDT 2010

The randomly selected groups are given below.

Contact the other members of your group as soon as possible! Their email addresses are included.

We strongly suggest doing some planning (a schedule) and brainstorming sessions initially with the whole group. Then divide up the project into subtasks (perhaps do this every week?) and assign them to subgroups. Take advantage of the strengths of every member.

Communicate via email, and perhaps have a webpage to keep track of the status. Make sure you capture your "rationale" as you make design decisions during the project. Near the end of the project make overhead slides for the class presentation. Work out how the report is to be written and produced. It too needs pictures.

If one of the group is not able/willing to cooperate then find a way to deal with it such that you and they still get work done. Talk about the problems that arise in the group, as well as with the project. Everyone is responsible for doing their portion of the project: you all decide what portion.

Note the method for group evaluation of group members.

There may be additions/deletions to groups as we discover who is still enrolled in the course.

If you have not been assigned to a group please send email immediately to cs3041-staff at cs telling us that you are still enrolled in the course.

Look at:

The Groups:

name                           email at wpi
Group One:

Alvarado, Migdoel              migalvarado
Zutshi, Samir.                 szutshi
Hawkins, William J             bhawk90
DiCroce, Richard C             rdicroce
Murdy, Steven Thomas           smurdy
Sarnik, Kyle.                  ksarnik

Group Two:

Anyansi, Onyedikachi Jeff      oanyansi
Wolfe, Ethan Craig.            ewolfe123
Ramsley, Christopher           cramsley
Duderewicz, Evan T             eduderewicz
Card, Zachary                  zachtwelve
Niyetkaliyev, Anvar            niyetk

Group Three:

Brown, Richard Pearce          rpb111
Truong, Ethan Thai.            etruong
Rolle, David Seth              dsrolle
Moniz, Samuel L                smoniz
Mitnik, Alec S                 alecmitnik
Gaxho, Donald                  dgaxho

Group Four:

Tate, Brian Christopher.       btate
Rosen, Alex Jason.             alexjrosen
Lipson, Benjamin Lewis         blipson
Genato, Ryan James             rgenato
Lextrait, Thomas Samuel        tlextrait
Mitchell, Daniel Francis       dmitch

Group Five:

Ham, James Hong-Shik           jhs.ham
Carroll, Tyler Christophe      tcarroll
Tardanico, James Philip.       jamest
LeFevre, Ryan Kenneth          rlefevre
Harris, Brendan Chanler        brendanharris
Gheorghe, Michael              mgheorghe

Group Six:

Gray, Alexander James          alex.gray.j
Lonergan, Ian Patrick          ian.lonergan
Kaplan, Benjamin Aaron         bekeleven
Gilmore, Danielle E            dgilmore
Rudy, Paula Lorraine.          paular

Group Seven:

Chua, Albert Kho               chubrt1220
Syriopoulos, John Paul.        syriojohn
Hughes, Kristen M              hugheskm
Kuang, Alex H                  alexkuang
Gorman, Daphne Irene           daphne
Ruck, Stephen R.               piratesteve

Group Eight:

Decker, William Swift          bdecker
Sirocki, Matthew S.            msirocki
Pianka, Richard Francis        pianka
Ksiazek, Paul L                pksiazek
Gorski, Alexander Christo      agorski
Mullen, David P                dmullen


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