An `AI in Design' View of Design
System Knowledge

Knowledge Representation

For each of the knowledge entities enumerated in the previous two sections, specify the knowledge representation which is used.

Discussion. The representation describes the specific format in which the knowledge is used by the system in the reasoning process. Components can be described through relatively simple data structures. But they also can be represented using frames or prototypes, perhaps with powerful routines associated with their slots [Brown & Chandrasekaran 1989] [Gero 1990]. A search algorithm can be implemented by selecting rules to construct a solution [Steinberg 1992] [McDermott 1982]. The same results might be reached by using a case, which is retrieved based on a best match with respect to the input data and the goals to be achieved [Maher & Garza 1997] [Sycara & Navinchandra 1992] [Tham & Gero 1992]. The representation is always dependent on the implementation specifications. It is also influenced by various other factors, such as knowledge retrieval and ease of use in the context of the specific methods to be used.

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