An `AI in Design' View of Design
System Knowledge

Domain-Independent Knowledge Entities

Describe the domain-independent knowledge entities used by the system.

Discussion. The general types of domain-independent knowledge outlined before indicate what type of information is applicable to specific classes of design problems. These types of knowledge can be refined into specific techniques and knowledge entities. For example, control can be described by referring to the search algorithms used to find solutions, to the constraint propagation techniques used to prevent design failures [Bowen & Bahler 1992] [Mittal & Falkenhainer 1990] or to the backtracking methods applied when the search for a solution reaches a point from where no continuation is possible. In the same way, the interaction between agents in a multi-agent system can be described by various types of knowledge. For example, negotiation can be done by using plans, cases or by using some type of reactive behavior [Sycara 1991].

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