An `AI in Design' View of Design
General Description

Related Systems

Are there any similar design systems?
What are the similarities?

Discussion. Analogies between design systems can be based on various criteria. The identified similarities help us to highlight those features of design systems that have a high degree of generality, i.e., can be applied to many systems. These features are candidates for inclusion in new design systems. Similarities also allow us to evaluate the way in which the same design methods or techniques are relevant in various contexts.

Is the system based on, or extend, previous design systems?
What kind of improvements do the expansions bring?

Discussion. Design systems are complex software packages. Developers often create smaller initial versions, which can be thoroughly tested. Extensions represent the areas where improvements are most desirable. Systems designed to allow the addition of future layers, to handle increased design complexity, allow for the incremental development of more reliable applications, capable of handling difficult problems.

Is the system part of a larger project and, if so, what is its function inside that project?

Discussion. Such integration is usually related to larger CAD/CAM environments. These pose additional requirements on a design system in terms of the types of design information provided to and needed from the system. An isolated design system is less restricted in terms of development, but also more difficult to interface with other software products.

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