An Empirical Study of RealVideo Performance Across the Internet

An Empirical Study of RealVideo Performance Across the Internet

Yubing Wang, Mark Claypool, and Zheng Zuo

In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop
San Francisco, California, USA
November 2001

The tremendous increase in computer power and bandwidth connectivity has fueled the growth of streaming video over the Internet to the desktop. While there have been large scale empirical studies of Internet, Web and multimedia traffic, the performance of popular Internet streaming video technologies and the impact of streaming video on the Internet is still largely unkown. This paper presents analysis from a wide-scale empirical study of RealVideo traffic from several Internet servers to many geographically diverse users. We find typical RealVideos to have high quality, achieving an average frame rate of 10 frames per second and very smooth playout, but very few videos achieve full-motion frame rates. Overall video performance is most influenced by the bandwidth of the end-user connection to the Internet, but high-bandwidth Internet connections are pushing the video performance bottleneck closer to the server.

We would like to thank all those who helped in debugging RealTracer during our beta testing and those that ran RealTracer and rated videos. Without them this study would not have been possible.


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