Characterization by Measurement of a CDMA 1x EVDO Network

Characterization by Measurement of a CDMA 1x EVDO Network

Mark Claypool, Robert Kinicki, William Lee, Mingzhe Li, and Gregory Ratner

In Proceedings of the Wireless Internet Conference (WICON)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
August 2006

Cellular networks are increasingly carrying Internet traffic for Email and Web browsers, VoIP and online games and streaming video. While there have been some studies characterizing the throughput of cellular data networks, there has been few measurement studies focusing on the latest Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) cellular protocol, considering characteristics for throughput-sensitive, latency-sensitive and streaming applications. This paper provides a measurement-based characterization of an EVDO network, using measures of TCP throughput, round-trip times and loss rates, and bandwidth estimation in order to gauge the ability of EVDO to support the QoS requirements of a range of applications. A week's worth of active measurement data reveals throughputs satisfactory for Email and Web browsing, latencies too high for interactive applications, and consistent results for bandwidth estimations, suitable for streaming.


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