Treatment-Based Traffic Classification for Residential Wireless Networks

Feng Li, Mark Claypool, and Robert Kinicki

In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) - Computing, Networking and Communications (CNC)
Anaheim, California, USA
February 16-19, 2015

As broadband connection capacities increase, residential network users can experience performance degradation when multiple applications run concurrently over bottlenecked wireless access points (APs). This paper presents Classification and Treatment iN an AP (CATNAP), a plug-and-play solution for an AP that automatically classifies and treats flows passing through without any user intervention. CATNAP classifies application flows across three dimensions based on their response to flow traffic, bitrate greediness and interactivity. Then, based on the classification, CATNAP treats flows by rate limiting/preserving, adjusting packet time in queue or dropping packets. CATNAP is implemented in NS-2 and evaluated against DropTail and Strict Priority Queuing under various network and traffic conditions. Analysis of the results show CATNAP provides better QoS support for VoIP, games and streaming video applications.


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