WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Computer Science Department

Uniquitous: Implementation and Evaluation of a Cloud-based Game System in Unity3d

Meng Luo

Advisor: Professor Mark Claypool

M.S. Thesis
Interactive Media and Game Development, WPI
December 2014


Cloud gaming is a new service based on cloud computation technology which allows games to be run on a server and streamed as video to players on a thin client. Commercial cloud gaming systems, such as Onlive, Gaikai and StreamMyGame remain proprietary, limiting access for game developers and researchers. In order to address these shortcomings, we developed an open source Unity3d cloud-based game system called Uniquitous that gives the game developers and researchers control of system and content. Detailed experiments evaluate performance of three main parameters: game genre, game resolution and game image quality. The evaluation results are used in a data model that can predict in-game frame rates for systems that have not been tested. Validation experiments show the accuracy of our model and allow us to use the model to explore cloud-based games in a variety of system conditions.