WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Computer Science Department

Performance Analysis of Dynamic Web Page Generation Technologies

Bhupesh Kothari

Advisor: Professor Mark Claypool

M.S. Thesis
Computer Science Department, WPI
June 1999

In Progress


The Web has experienced a phenomenal growth over the past few years, placing heavy load on Web servers. Today's Web servers also process an increasing number of requests for dynamic pages, making server load even more critical. The performance of Web servers delivering static pages is well studied and well understood. However, there has been little analytic or no empirical study of the performance of Web servers delivering dynamic pages. We propose to experimentally measure Web server performance under four different dynamic page-generation technologies: CGI, Fast CGI, Server APIs and Servlets. In addition, we propose to measure the impact of different concurrency strategies, such as process pool or thread pool, with respect to dynamic Web page generation. We will also study the effect of the operating system on Web server performance. If successful, this thesis will analyze in detail the current bottlenecks in Web server CGI performance and will provide Web server benchmarks that can be used for future performance measurements.