WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Computer Science Department

The Effects of Packet Loss and Latency on Player Performance in Unreal Tournament 2003

Tom Beigbeder, Rory Coughlan, Corey Lusher, and John Plunkett

Advisors: Mark Claypool and Emmanuel Agu

Major Qualifying Project MQP-MLC-NG03
Computer Science Department, WPI
Terms ABC 2003-2004


First Person Shooter computer games are highly sensitive to network fluctuations due to the need for precise movement and aiming. In this project we studied player performance in Unreal Tournament 2003 under varying amounts of latency and packet loss. After breaking the game down into specific components and running tests under controlled network conditions, we determined that packet loss and latency levels likely to be encountered in real world settings will not drastically impact player performance.


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