WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Computer Science Department

The Great Green Web Game

Matthew Currier and Roland Smith

Advisors: David DiBiasio and Mark Claypool

Interactive Qualifying Project IQP-SWP-9803
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BCD 1998-1999, D 2005

Sponsored by: The Union of Concerned Scientists


This project was designed to create an informative, internet based, interactive education game for the Unions of Concerned Scientists. Using the latest Java technology we created a board game style feature that utilized the information presented in book The Consumers Guide to Effective Environmental Choices. The information was presented in the form of questions and life choices. The results of the life choices were displayed in an easy to understand graphic featured called the envirometer. The completed feature was presented on the UCS website and received 100,000 visitors in the first month and 80% of users surveyed expressed that they learned something new about the impacts of their consumer activities.


The game was featured on the lid of Stoney Field Farm Yogurt in April 1999.

Yogurt Lid

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