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The following two tables list the six Ph.D. dissertations and the 42 Masters theses that I have advised.

Ph.D. Dissertations

  Dissertation Title Student Date Co-Advisor
6. Treatment-Based Classification in Residential Wireless Access Points (pdf) Feng Li Oct 2014 Mark Claypool
5. A Credit-based Home Access Point (CHAP) to Improve Application Quality on IEEE 802.11 Networks (pdf) Choong-Soo Lee June 2010 Mark Claypool
4. Modeling and Evaluating Feedback-Based Error Control for Video Transfer (pdf) Yubing Wang Oct 2008 Mark Claypool
3. Using Bandwidth Estimation to Optimize Buffer and Rate Selection for Streaming Multimedia over IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks (pdf) Mingzhe Li Dec 2006 Mark Claypool
2. ARMOR - Adjusting Repair and Media Scaling with Operations Research for Streaming Video (pdf) Huahui Wu May 2006 Mark Claypool
1. Delay Analysis of a Ring-based Metropolitan Area Network with Multiple Classes of Traffic X. Meng May 1990  

Masters Theses

  Thesis Title Student Date Co-Advisor
42. Performance Analysis of QUIC Protocol under Network Congestion (pdf) Amit Srivastava May 2017 Mark Claypool
41. Impact of Acknowledgments on Application Performance in 4G LTE Networks (pdf) Brett Levasseur May 2014 Mark Claypool
40. Improving Latency in Crankshaft - An Energy-Aware MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) Suvesh Pratapa Dec 2009  
39. A Centralized Energy Management System for Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) Rick Skowyra May 2009  
38. Media Scaling for Power Optimization on Wireless Video Sensors (pdf) Rui Lu Aug 2007 Mark Claypool
37. Measurement of Windows Streaming Media James Nichols May 2004 Mark Claypool
36. Proportional Integrator with Short-Lived Flows Minchong Kim Jan 2004  
35. Traffic Sensitive Quality of Service Controller Abhishek Kumar Dec 2003 Mark Claypool
34. The Design and Implementation of a Flexible, Maintainable Handheld Application Denise Chasse May 2002  
33. TCP-Carson: A Loss-event Based Adaptive AIMD Protocol Long-lived Flows Hariharan Kannan May 2002 Mark Claypool
32. White - Achieving Fair Bandwidth Allocation with Priority Dropping Based on Round Trip Time Choong-Soo Lee May 2002 Mark Claypool
31. Traffic Sensitive Active Queue Management for Improved Quality of Service Vishal Phirke May 2002 Mark Claypool
30. Adaptive Explicit Congestion Notification (AECN) for Heterogeneous Flows (pdf) Zici Zheng May 2001  
29. Performance Analysis of TCP and Router-based Congestion Control and Avoidance Mechanisms Aditya Raghavendra May 1998  
28. An Extended RPC Mechanisn for a Distributed Computer System Sanjay Subbanna Aug 1995  
27. An Experiment in Software Fault Tolerance Through Monitoring Peter David May 1994 Richard LaRowe
26. Interfacing Data Tree MUMPS and Windows 3.0 Ted Raia May 1992  
25. Distributed Services Using the MACH External Memory Management Interface Brad Nichols Aug 1991  
24. Performance Comparison of Inter Process Communication in MACH and UNIX Somesh Rao May 1991  
23. Design of an Appletalk Network Analyzer Rene Fontaine Dec 1990  
22. Remote Operations: The Communications Paradigm of the ISO OSI Reference Model Hemant Kishnan May 1990  
21. A Performance Study of the VAX/VMS Lock Manager Ben Thomas Dec 1989  
20. Application of an Operational Analysis Queueing Network Model to the Performance Evaluation of a Control Data CYBER 180/855 Rufus Freddie May 1989  
19. A Study of Program Restructuring in a Virtual Memory System Jerry Breecher Dec 1987  
18. Monitoring Tools for an IEEE 802 Network Pi-Kai Chiang Dec 1986  
17. Implementation of IEEE Standard 802 on an Ethernet Local Network Chris Walton Jun 1986  
16. Real-Time Scheduling in Multiprocessor Systems David Tate May 1986  
15. A Token Ring Performance Study Poonam Gahlawat Feb 1986  
14. A Computer Network Design Tool Bill Williams Dec 1985  
13. A Network Simulation Package Peter Kaufman May 1985 Mark Ohlson
12. Ethernet Performance Analysis Using Simulation Da-Hai Ding May 1985  
11. A Performance Study of Master-Slave Scheduling Algorithms under VAX 11/782 Kathy Morse May 1985  
10. Design of a Network Controller in a Communications Systems Irene Leung May 1985  
9. A Guaranteed Local Area Network Access Protocol for A Bus Topology David Aditays Dec 1984  
8. Application of a Queueing Model to the Performance Evaluation of an IBM VM/370 158-AP Computing System Elenora Davis May 1984  
7. An Experimental Networks Connecting the DEC System System-20 and the PDP 11/10 Harvey Rubinovitz May 1983 Mark Ohlson
6. Improvement of Computer Network Performance Using Operational Analysis and Parallel Routing Paul Posco Jan 1983 Stan Selkow
5. Performance Analysis of a Computer Based Automatic Data Collection and Management System John Holland Dec 1982  
4. Measurement and Modelling of a DEC System-20 Dennis Mazur Jan 1982  
3. Fault Tolerant Computers - Survey and Analysis Alan Greene May 1981 Raymond Scott
2.Venticular Outlining Techniques Jim Moriarty May 1980  
1. An Interactive Tool for the Analytic Solution of Queueing Models Mark Freitas May 1980  

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