CS/IMGD 4100 (C 16)

Homework Assignment #4

My Team

Due by Web Turn-In: 11:59pm, Wednesday, January 27

(See general homework instructions for turn-in details.)

The purpose of this assignment is to start the process of developing your personal soccer team implementation, which will eventually be submitted as Homework #7 for entry into the soccer tournament.

Make sure you start with fresh (uncompiled) copy of the source files for this project!

  • Of course, your new team just does exactly what Burke's team did.

  • As a first step of heading off in your own strategic directions, choose different home positions for your field players on offense and defense by modifying both of the two arrays in the Enter methods of each of the states corresponding to Attacking and Defending in your version of TeamStates.cpp. (Mark your changes with "//*" comments.)

  • Build and run (in debug mode) the SimpleSoccer solution to confirm that your team is using the new home positions. (Note that the kickoff positions will not change, since these are set by the arguments to the player constructors in SoccerTeam.cpp.)

  • Hint: See Buckland, Chapter 4, page 191 for use of debug_con.

  • In preparation for the upcoming in-class brainstorming session and Homework #5, spend some time carefully observing and analyzing the Simple Soccer game play between Buckland's Team, your team and Burke's Team (which is also included in the source distribution)

  • Answer these two questions:

    What to Turn In


    Please post any questions to the myWPI forum for the course.

    Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Robin Burke for allowing the reuse of this assignment.