CS/IMGD 4100 (C 16)

Homework Assignment #7

Tournament Team

Due by Web Turn-In: 6pm, Sunday, February 7

(See general homework instructions for turn-in details.)

The purpose of this assignment is to test your AI implementation skills by trying to develop a winning entry in the soccer tournament.

In order to get 10/10 on this homework, you are expected to add a substantial new strategy to your soccer AI, which typically involves adding at least two new states to both the team and the players' state machines, along with new messages to support them, as needed.

N.B. Late homework submissions will be graded in the usual way (see course policies), but will not be eligible for the tournament.

What to Turn In


Please post any questions to the myWPI forum for the course.

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Robin Burke for allowing the reuse of this assignment.