Serious Games
IMGD 404X - C Term 2011

    Sampling of Videos for Serious Games and Interactive Media -- January 2011

This is a sampling of trailers and explanatory videos for serious games and interactive media that illustrates the breadth of applications. Note that the categorization below is only approximate--many games cross categories.

Click here for a (partially overlapping) sampling of games with free playable versions available online.


  • Thinking Worlds (multiple learning games) -- click Demos > play
  • Filament Games (multiple learning games)


  • Mission US (U.S. Revolutionary War) -- play
  • Conspiracy Code (American history)

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

  • Neuromatrix (brain anatomy and function) -- click Preview
  • Compound Reaction (chemistry) -- click Trailer


    Emergency Training

  • Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (emergency preparedness) -- click ADMS video
  • Burn Center (mass casualty burn treatment) -- click Watch Video
  • Triage Trainer (triage training) -- click Demonstrations
  • Rescue Sim (public safety and security training) -- click introduction video
  • Fully Involved (fireman training)

    Personal Interaction Training

  • At-Risk (identifying at-risk students) -- click Take Product Tour
  • Replay: Finding Zoe (abusive teen dating) -- click play

    Foreign Language/Culture Training

  • Tactical Language and Culture (language and culture training/military)

    Business/Technical Training

  • Get Security (HP small business IT security) -- scroll down and click View Trailer
  • Marketing 101 (marketing)
  • Ultimate Team Play (Hilton Garden Inn) (hotel staff training)
  • IBM Business Process Model (business process) -- click Watch Trailer
  • Tycoon Systems (multiple business simulations) -- click Industry Masters Video
  • Winning in Wireless (business storytelling simulation) -- click View Trailer
  • Boarders Ahoy! (ship boarding)
  • Service Rig Training (oil rig training) -- click Service Rig Training / play


  • Re-Mission (young cancer patients) -- click Watch the Trailer / click The Story Behind the Game / click Pam Kato
  • Attack of the S. Mutans (child dental health) -- click 3D Game / Preview View Larger / play -- click The Exhibit / What Kids Say View Larger / play

    Pain Management

  • Free Dive (pediatric pain management) --scroll to Free Dive / Launch video
  • Snow World (burn pain control) -- click play


  • Biggest Loser (weight loss) -- click Family Games > Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout > Video
  • Escape from Diab (junk food and obesity) -- click trailer
  • Fat World (fast food, obesity and socioeconomics) -- click Game Trailer
  • Club One Island (weight loss in Second Life) -- click Videos

    Brain Exercise

  • Jewel Diver (improve visual processing) -- click Brain Training Products > Insight > View Program Demo

    Psychological Health

  • Elude (depression awareness) -- scroll to Game Trailer

    Mobile Exercise Apps

  • FitQuest (iPhone exercise in place)
  • FastFoot Challenge (Android/iPhone multiplayer chase)


  • America's Army 3 (army recruiting) -- click AA3 Learn More > Now Showing
  • You vs. D. Rose (Adidas basketball shoes)

    Political/Social Issues

  • Harpooned (Japanese whaling) -- click Harpooned on ABC2
  • PlayReal (social change MMO) -- click PlayReal Video


  • Resilient Planet (ecology) -- click Curriculum > Resilient Planet > Games and Digital Labs > Watch a demonstration


  • Ayiti: The Cost of Life (poverty awareness)
  • Poverty is Not a Game (poverty awareness) -- play

    Current Events

  • PeaceMaker (Arab-Israel conflict) -- click Watch the Trailer
  • Global Conflicts: Palestine (Arab-Israeli conflict) -- click Game Trailer


  • Foldit (protein folding human computation)
  • The Restaurant Game (artificial intelligence for games)
  • Nimbus Virtual Shopping System (purchase decision research tool) -- click Video

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