Technical Game Development II
IMGD 4000 - B Term 2012

Outline of Initial Treatment for Game Project

Due by email to rich and farbrook (at 11:59pm, Sunday, October 28

5% penalty on final grade if not turned in on time!

Please send PDF or plain text only and either include the art work in the PDF or make a zip file with the text and image files. If the file is too large, use your WPI Filer account or DropBox.

It will be helpful to review the design constraints before working on this treatment.

Note that this is not a "contract", but rather a chance to think through all aspects of your game before you start. You may, and likely will, change your mind about details as you work on the project---that is fine.

Please keep a copy of this document and add it to your game website, as soon as it is created (by Sunday, November 4 at the latest).

The elevator pitch below should be maximum two sentences, e.g., "A first-person shooter using rotten vegetables that takes place in the supermarket produce section. You win the game by hitting your opponent with a complete salad."

Game Title:
Project Folder Name:
Group Leader (include email):
IMGD 4000 Group Members (including emails):
IMGD 4500 Group Members (including emails):
Elevator Pitch:
More Detailed Description:

  1. Where and when does the game take place?

  2. Who/what are the protagonist and adversary (which one is the player)?

  3. Explain the primary objective of the player and how the player wins.

  4. Explain the general game narrative (if any) in 1-2 paragraphs

  5. What is the basic game mechanic?

  6. Is the game first or third person?

  7. Briefly describe each game asset:

    • Animated Character:

    • Environment (indoor or outdoor?):

    • "Hero" object in environment:

    • Mobile/animated object in environment:

    • Other (2) objects in environment:

    • Ambient sounds (2):

    • Triggerable sounds (3):

  8. Briefly describe how each of the following minimum technical requirements will be used in the game:

    • Physics:

    • Force-based Steering:

    • Simple Pathfinding:

    • State-based AI:

  9. What are you currently planning as the optional technical element(s), if any?

  10. Include all sketches, images, and concept art.