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CS577/EE537 Advanced Computer Networks
Spring 2005
Instructor: Bob Kinicki

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Required Text: None
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This course will be conducted in 'seminar style'. Except for background material, the course consists of reading and discussing technical papers taken from the current computer networks literature. Seminar style implies that the students participate in both the presentations and in the discussion. This participation is a ssignificant component of your grade.

Normally, the class cover two papers per week. Each student is required turn in a Paper Evaluation Form(pdf) (doc) for each paper covered at the beginning of every class. Late forms will not be evaluated.

The course includes a Course Project, and a Final Exam. See initial questions from Spring 2003 Final Exam.
Note - The Final Exam will be an INDIVIDUAL oral exam this semester. The Oral Exam will feature questions related to the List of General Topic Areas.

Each student is required to submit two hardcopies of research papers to help form the course material. One paper should come from the research literature of Wireless Protocols, and the second paper should come from the area of Network Security Issues.

Useful Resources

  • Research Topic Areas in Computer Networks.
  • List of Important Networking Journals and Conferences roughly in decreasing order of providing quality papers for class presentations.
  • List of Computer Networks Textbooks

    Class Lecture Slides and Papers - Spring 2005

    The table below holds all the presentations given in this course.
    Each student is required to give three research paper presentations and one course project presentation.

    Course Objectives (pdf) (ppt)
    Hobb's Internet History    
    TCP Sliding Windows (pdf) (ppt)
    General Congestion Control and Queuing (pdf) (ppt)
    TCP Congestion Control (pdf) (ppt)
    Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance (pdf) (ppt)
    Tuning RED for Web Traffic (pdf) (ppt)
    The War between Mice and Elephants (pdf) (ppt)
    Core Stateless Fair Queueing (pdf) (ppt)
    On Designing Improved Controllers for AQM Routers Supporting TCP Flows (pdf) (ppt)
    Promoting the Use of End-to-End Congestion Control in the Internet (pdf) (ppt)
    Differential Congestion Notification:Taming the Elephants (pdf) (ppt)
    An Analysis of Internet Content Delivery Systems (pdf) (ppt)
    A Wireless Primer (pdf) (ppt)
    Classification of Access Network Types: Ethernet, Wireless LAN, ADSL, Cable Modem or Dialup (pdf) (ppt)
    Link-level Measurements from an 802.11b Mesh Network (pdf) (ppt)
    Real Media Streaming Performance on an IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN (pdf) (ppt)
    Comparison of Routing Metrics for Static Multi-Hop Wireless Networks (pdf) (ppt)
    Open Issues on TCP for Mobile Computing (pdf) (ppt)
    Improving TCP/IP Performance over Third Generation Wireless Networks (pdf) (ppt)
    Mitigating Routing Misbehavior in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (pdf) (ppt)
    The Dangers of Mitigating Security Design Flaws: A Wireless Case Study (pdf) (ppt)
    SPEP: A Secure and Efficient Scheme for Bulk Data Transfer over Wireless Networks (pdf) (ppt)
    TinySec: A Link Layer Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) (ppt)
    Defending against Flooding-Based Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks: A Tutorial (pdf) (ppt)
    PacketScore: Statistics-based overload Control against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (pdf) (ppt)
    On the Effectiveness of Route-Based Packet Filtering for Distributed DoS Attack Prevention in Power-Law Internets (pdf) (ppt)
    Packet Leashes: A Defense against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Networks (pdf) (ppt)
    Virtual Private Networks: An Overview with Performance Evaluation (pdf) (ppt)
    Project Presentations    
    NFS Measurement - Abe   (ppt)
    DOCSIS Simulation - Glen   (ppt)
    PISA Simulation - Brad and Yatin   (ppt)
    Modeling Web Trafic - Mark and Gary   (ppt)
    Streaming Wireless Measurement - Jon, Feng and Ashish   (ppt)

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