Prof. Emeritus Michael A. Gennert

Now retired from:
Robotics Engineering Department
Computer Science Department
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI Robotics Engineering Department
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609

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Recent Courses

RBE 3100 Social Implications of RoboticsC Term 2022
CS/RBE 549 Computer VisionFall Semester 2021
RBE 595 Special Topics: Humanoid RoboticsSpring Semester 2021


Project Guidelines

Recent and Not-so-recent Graduates


Kekechukwu Mbanisi, Towards Human-Centered Haptic Shared Autonomy for Assisted Driving Systems, 2022.

Vinayak Jagtap, Walking Controllers Based on a Reactive Balancing Controller for Humanoid Robots, 2019.

Benzun Pious Wisely Babu, Detection and Resolution of Motion Conflict in Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO), 2018 (advisors Profs. David Cyganski, R. James Duckworth).

John Shutt, Fexprs as the basis of Lisp function application or $vau: the ultimate abstraction, 2010.

Songxiang Gu, Body Deformation Correction for SPECT Imaging, 2008.


Andrew Euredjian, Multi-Modal Transition of a Canine-like Quadruped to a Bipedal State, Prof. M. Agheli, co-advisor, 2022.

Ashay Aswale, Human Motion Imitation by Humanoid Robots, 2020.

Akshay Katpatal, Dual-Arm Manipulation of the ATLAS Humanoid Robot, 2020.

Ameya Wagh, A 3D object recognition and 6DoF pose estimation framework for ATLAS Robot using RGB-D images, 2019.

Sanket Gujar, Pointwise and Instance Segmentation for 3D Point Cloud, Prof. J. Whitehill co-advisor, 2019.

Sumanth Nirmal Gavarraju, Multi-Sensor Online Fusion and Object Detection on Hybrid Data using Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving, 2018.

Ramkumar Natarajan, Efficient Factor Graph Fusion for Multi-robot Mapping, 2017.

Bhawna Shiwani, Autonomous Real-Time Tracking of Bradykinesia in Parkinson's Disease During Unconstrained Activities, 2017.

Aditya Bhat, Locomotion Trajectory Generation For Legged Robots, 2017.

Donald Bourque, CUDA-Accelerated ORB-SLAM for UAVs, 2017.

Lening Li, BiRRTOpt: A Combined Software Framework for Motion Planning Applied on ATLAS Robot, 2016.

Justin Barrett, Analyzing and Modeling Low-Cost MEMS IMUs for Use in an Inertial Navigation System, 2014.

Benzun Pious Wisely Babu, Visual Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for a tree climbing robot, 2013.

Andrey Sklyar, Determining Realistic Organ Motion for Testing SPECT Motion Correction Algorithms, 2009.

Baoyuan Xing, Improved 3D Heart Segmentation Using Surface Parameterization for Volumetric Heart Data, 2013.

Directed Research

Ashay Aswale, Learning Human Motion Imitation by Humanoid Robots.

Fanxing Meng, Low-Cost Humanoid Robot.

Sahawat Amonlikitsin, Bipedal Robot Gait Generation.

Albert Enyedy, Fast Visual Servoing.


Jamie Krigsman, Christopher Cook, Caden Crist, 6-Axis 3-D Printer, with Prof. Agheli, 2022.

Sophie Antoniou, Ken Desrosiers, Vineyard Robot, sponsored by Wachusett Vineyards, 2021.

Andrew Euredjian, Ankur Gupta, Revant Mahajan, Dante Muzila, Quadupedal / Bipedal Multi-Mode Robot, with Profs. Agheli, Li, Paffenroth, 2021.

Ryan Carnemolla, Anirban Mukherjee, Amrit Parmanand, Emily Staknis, ATLAS Visual Localization & Avoidance, 2021.

Kristen Andonie, Timothy Bell, Cooper Bennet, Christian Cooper, Lauren Hatfield, BattleBot, with Profs. Bertozzi, Miller, 2021.

Isabella Feeney, Jason Jemison, Thejus Jose,Yicheng Yang, RoboPuppet, with Profs. Li, Fu, 2021.

James Burley, Nam Hoang Tran Ngoc, Brandon Mills Waugh, Red Legs, 2020.

Treksh Marwaha, WPI Robot Mascot, With Profs. Ault, Smith, 2020.

Thomas John Gibbia, Spencer Garrison Howes, Theodorus Ruys Lundblade, Tomas Fausto Ringer-Silva, Benjamin George Tobias Stevens, Christian Daniel Tweed, Tunneling Robot, with Profs. Radhakrishnan, Schaufeld, 2020.

Jonathan Chang, Connor Thomas Dietz, Treksh Marwaha, Griffin Y Roth, WPI Robot Mascot, With Profs. Ault, Smith, 2020.

Andrew Hand, NASA Robotics Challenge II, 2020. Jason Ashton, Sean Hunt, Myles Spencer, Developing Autonomous RC Car, with Prof. Fu, 2019.

Rachel Hahn, Ian Johnson, Benjamin Mattiuzzi, Robotic Programming Languages, 2018.

Devon Michael Bray, Mead Tucker Landis, Rachael May Putnam, CHAMP: Tree Climbing Robot, with Profs. Miller, Stafford, 2017.

Breanne Happell, Karen Orton, Kevin Ouellette, Charles Sinkler, Blisk Inspection System, with Profs. Putnam, Stafford, Sponsored by GE Aviation, 2017.

Odell Dotson, Katie Gandomi, Alora Hillman, Nicholas Panzarino, CARP: Custom Autonomous Robotic Painter, with Profs. Fu, Stafford, 2017.

Devon Bray, Mead Landis, Rachael Putnam, CHAMP: Tree Climbing Robot, with Profs. Miller, Stafford, 2017.

Paula Rudy, Facial Recognition using Sparse Data Representation on an Open Source Neural Network Model, 2017.

Nathan George, Alec Thompson, Deep Q-Learning for Walking in Humanoid Robots, with Prof. J. Beck, 2016.

Batyrlan Nurebkov, Deep Learning for Walking, 2016

Amanda Adkins, William Barnard, Matthew Beardsley, Charles Frick, Samantha Swarz, SuitUp! Wearable Haptic Controller, with Profs. Lauer, Looft, 2016.

Thomas Clark, Jonathan Leitschuh, Computer Vision User Interface, with Prof. Miller, 2016.

Will Jones, Project Squirrel 2.1, 2015.

Elizabeth Brown, David Pounds, Michael Strickland, Alexander Stylos, Project Squirrel: A Tree Climbing Robot, with Prof. Stafford, 2015.

Zachary Estep, James Megin, Evan Richard, Cloud Robotics, with Prof. Padir, 2015.

Henrique Polido, DARPA Robotics Challenge, with. Prof. Heinricher, 2014.

Emanuel Demaio, David Ilacqua, Louie Mistretta, Matthew Simpson, Project Squirrel: A tree climbing robot, with Prof. Stafford, 2014.

Ian Campbell, Eric Cobane, Ryan Giovacchini, Thomas Murray, [with a little help from friends Matthew Simpson and Benzun Pious Wisely Babu], Tree Climbing Robot, 2013.

Clark Bakstran, Scott Brooks, Angelo Platanias, Greg Sletterink, Nick Solarz, Thomas Womersley, Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicle Project: Robotic Kayak, 2012.

Justin Gostanian, Erick Read, Tree Climbing Robot, 2012.

James Wilson Tyrrell Jr., Bryan Shah, Counting Pills, 2008.

Ellery Harrington, Using Regenerative Fuel Cells to Power a Robot, 2008.


Andrew Ngo Huynh, Kevin Anthony Valente-Comas, Research Roadmap for Robotics for Advance Response to Epidemics, 2016.

Alexander Norman Ruggiero, Chase Logan St. Laurent, Sebastiano Daniele Salvo, Robotics In Construction, 2016.

Asma Chaudri, Natalia Henao, Zahra Maqsood, Future Assistive Robots, 2014.

Christopher Conley, Gilmar Da Vitoria, Jessica Gwozdz, Olivia Hugal, RBE 2001 E-Book, 2013.

Sidney Batchelder, Robert Le, Liam Terry, Jeff Thomas, Halophytic Agriculture, 2012.

Timon Butler, Jonathan Estabrook, Joseph Funk, James Kingsley, Ryan O'Meara, Uki Wiki, 2011.

Sammy Kaplan, Andrew Yee Robotics Innovation Competition II, 2009.

Bob Breznak, Bill Hnath, Alex Muir, Robotics Innovation Competition, 2008.



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