My (Non-Academic) Interests

Is this thing on? Okay, well, I like Star Trek, and The Simpsons, and, um, yeah, I enjoy playing soccer, and watching football.

In fact, I have been part of a just-for-fun football pool for the past four years.

My family now has its own little place on the Web. Please come and visit!

I became a Mac user in summer 2003. I have compiled my list of things that mac Mac OS X just that much better.

My High School now has a Web page.

I've been looking into personal firewall software lately.

I've also found a site to show you world population.

This is an interesting site for an Atlas of Cyberspace.

* Time Capsule.
* Cool Site of the Day.
* The Sci-Fi Channel.
* The Simpsons Archive.

Click here for other Linde(r)man(n)s on the Web.

I found some cool (although large) 3D images and QuickTime Movies of Homer & Bart Simpson if you'd like to take a look.

For a riddle, click Here.

I have assembled some humor that has been sent to me by some friends on the Net.

[Image of The Great Wave]
"The Great Wave" by Hokusai Katsushika
(Part of 36 Views of Mount Fuji)
(Click for a larger version)

[A Picture of Rob & Pete]
My friend Pete and I in the VR lab.

[Animated firework image] [Animated firework image] [Animated firework image]
(Don't stare at these too long!)

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