Interactive Media & Game Development
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


IMGD-3000: Technical Game Development I
Final Project
GameFest: May 1 & 2, 2006.

Objective: For the final project in this course, you will build a complete game using the Torque Game Engine (TGE) from Garage Games. Because this course focuses on the technical aspects of game development, your final product does not have to look great, but it must play well, with respect to the stated technical aspects you will outline.

This project must be done in teams of two or three. Both the scope and compressed timeline (only three and a half weeks!) of this project require that the project be done in teams.

The desired outcomes of this project are as follows:

  • To go through the process of developing a game of significant size
  • To gain experience in team-based development
  • To determine and follow a timeline of milestones that must be met to complete a project of this size on time
  • To get a good idea of what game development is all about
  • To have fun!

There will be several, rapid milestones to be met along the way to delivering your working product. These are listed below.

Timeline: The timeline for significant milestones of the project is as follows:
  1. Apr. 03: Project summary ideas due
  2. Apr. 04: Project approved
  3. Apr. 05: Detailed Game Plan due
  4. Apr. 07: Project kickoff meeting!
  5. Apr. 10: Web page set up to show your progress
  6. Apr. 14: Basic game structure in place, characters and basic objects modeled an in game
  7. Apr. 17: Milestone 1: Playable game prototype presented in class
  8. Apr. 18: Begin internal testing of implemented parts. Build, build, build!
  9. Apr. 24: Milestone 2: "Feature-complete" game, all major functionality in place. No new ideas! Time to finish up and test, test, test!
  10. Apr. 30: Game complete. Go home and get some sleep before launch day.
  11. May 1-2: GameFest2006!

Team Web Sites:
[Team Thumbnail]
Stunt Driver
Stunt Driver

In this game you are trying out to be a Hollywood stunt driver. Get through the course as fast as you can without accidentally wrecking your car to beat the level.

Team Members:
Andrew Bangs
Katherine Levinson
Neal Orman
Blockade Runner

[Description to come!]

Team Members:
Christopher Donnelly
Philip Hanson
Robert Martin
[CPR Team Thumbnail]
Blockade Runner
[Team Thumbnail]
The Island of the Gnolls
The Island of the Gnolls

You are a pirate captain who went after the Gnoll Pirate King's treasure, but on route to the gnoll fortress where the King's treasure resides, you were shipwrecked by a storm. Strangely enough, you arrived on the Gnoll King's island. Now it's your goal to find a way off the island, and get as much of the Pirate King's treasure!

Team Members:
Matt Duval
James Johnson
Duck Hunter

This game will be based off of Duck Hunter. The player will navigate around terrain to find lakes and ducks to shoot. This game will take place in a plain like area with lakes and trees, which will require the player to navigate a 3-Dimensional environment. Duck Hunter will run on Macintosh, Linux, and Windows computers.

Team Members:
Joshua Earl
Joshua Jamilkowski
[Team Thumbnail]
Duck Hunter
[Team Thumbnail]
Marblz - Playing for Keepsies
Marblz - Playing for Keepsies

If you've ever played marbles the game you are one step closer to understanding our game. This is an amped up version of the classic game of marbles. This includes marbles with crazy abilites, both offensive and defense, and wild maps to test your marbles on. The concept of our game: Strategically choose a marble out of your 20 or so marbles and play against the opponent and try to score the most points. To score you have to throw your marbles onto the maps and try to collide with the marbles already on the map. You gain points by having many reactions based on physics.

Team Members:
Michael Fortier
Brandon Germain
TJ Loughlin
Segway 500

Join the WPI police and EMS as you race for glory around the WPI campus! You'll be able to attack fellow racers using goat heads, iPods, carabeaners or foam swords. The ability to quickly lean forward or back for added boost will help you take the gold...but remember, leaning to far is bad for your health (gyroscopes don't like that).

Team Members:
Chris Hammers
Zachary Kamsler
Chris St. Pierre
[Team Thumbnail]
Segway 500
[Team Thumbnail]
Gargantua 360
Gargantua 360

Players once again take on the role of the giant stickman Gargantua in the three-dimensional follow-up to the publicly acclaimed side-scroller, Gargantua. In a highly stylized world that attempts to bring notebook doodles to life, Gargantua must attempt to right the wrongs committed against him by the intolerant, normal-sized stickmen using the only method he knows: violence.

Team Members:
Ben Kidder
Tom Peterson

Documentation: You must have a plan for backing up your files. I suggest you use WPI's SourceForge for this project.

You must create adequate documentation, both internal and external, along with your assignment. The best way to produce internal documentation is by including inline comments. The preferred way to do this is to write the comments as you code. Get in the habit of writing comments as you type in your code. A good rule of thumb is that all code that does something non-trivial should have comments describing what you are doing. This is as much for others who might have to maintain your code, as for you (imagine you have to go back and maintain code you have not looked at for six months -- this WILL happen to you in the future!).

Create external documentation for your program and submit it along with the project. The documentation does not have to be unnecessarily long, but should explain briefly what each part of your program does, and how your filenames tie in.

NOTE: For this project, you must also include a document stating what each person on your team did towards completing the project. This can be as simple as copying the list of deliverables (from above), and placing names next to each one. Or it can be more precise. If you feel you would like to express your views individually, send an email to the instructor.

Here is a list of some ideas that might help you when working in groups:

What to
Turn in:
Submit everything you need to run your program (source files, data files, etc.)

The command to archive everything, assuming your code is in a directory "final", is:

tar cvf TeamName_final.tar final


zip -r final

Remember the policy on Academic Honesty: You may discuss the assignment with others, but you are to do your own work. The official WPI statement for Academic Honesty can be accessed HERE.