DCB's Past Travels

yes 	22-25 May 95 	NSF Design Workshop, Arizona

yes	 1-15 July	AIENG'95 Conf., Italy.  (Udine, then Venice)

yes	19-25 August	IJCAI'95 Conf., Montreal

yes	24-29 Sept.	IFIP WG5.2 KIC-1 Workshop, Finland

yes	10-12 Nov 95	Adaptation of Knowledge for Reuse,
			AAAI Fall Symposium, MIT, Cambridge, MA.

yes	24-27 June 96	AI in Design '96, Stanford Univ., CA
			  W2 Machine Learning in Design
			  W6 Functional Modeling in Design
			  W5 New Directions in Case-Based Design
			  W8 Agents and Web-based Design Environments

yes	13 Aug 96	ECAI'96 Workshop on "Modelling Conflicts in AI", 
			at 12th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 
			August 12th-16th, 1996, Budapest, Hungary 
			  12th: W6 Adaptation in Case-Based Reasoning
			  13th: W24 Modeling Conflicts in AI

yes	16-18 Sept 96	IFIP WG5.2 Knowledge Intensive CAD workshop

yes	9-11 Nov 96	AAAI 1996 Fall Symposium Workshop: CONFIGURATION
			MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

no	6-9 Jan 97	IUI97: 1997 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces,
			Hilton at Walt Disney World Village, Orlando, Florida.

yes	30 Dec 96
	- 7 Jan 97	London

yes	30 Jan 
	- 5 Feb 97	TUDelft, Bart Netten, Ph.D. Defense. 

yes	2-3 May 97	"Computing Futures in Engineering Design", 
			 Center for Design Education, 
			 Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California, USA

yes	30 May 97	U. Maryland HCI Lab, Symposium & Open House.

yes	1-13 July 97	London & Bucharest

yes 	27-31 July 97	AAAI-97: 14th Nat. Conf. on AI, Providence, RI 

				-- Workshop on Multiagent Learning (28th July)

yes	6-11 Aug 97	Nantucket

no	20-22 Aug 97	ISPE/CE97: 4th ISPE Int. Conf. on Concurrent Engineering
			Troy, MI

yes	Jan-Mar 98	College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology.

yes	27-28 May       Lancaster International Workshop on Engineering Design,
                        Computer Aided Conceptual Design CACD'98

yes	summer 98	Engineering Design Center, Cambridge University, UK.

no      15-17 July 98   CE'98, Tokyo, Japan. 

yes	20-23 July 98	AID'98: 5th Int. Conf. on AI in Design'98,
			Lisbon, Portugal.

no	16-18 Sept 98	AI Meets the Real World, U.Conn -- Stamford, CT. 

yes     16-17 Sept      Workshop on Intelligent Agents
                        and Their Potential for Future Design 
                        and Synthesis Environment, Hampton, VA. 

yes     27 Oct only     Second International Conference on Complex Systems, 
                        Nashua, NH.

no      29 Oct          ASME Industrial Advisory Board, Washington DC.

yes      1-4 Dec.       KIC-3, U.Tokyo, Japan.

yes     22-30 Dec.      Christmas in London. 

yes	23-25 April	4th Design Thinking Research Symp.: 
                        Design Representation 
                        MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

yes     27-28 April	Knowing and Learning to Design
                        Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. 

yes	19-21 May	Designing Design Education for the 21st Century,
  		        Mudd Design Workshop II, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California, USA  

yes	15-17 June	Visual & Spatial reasoning in Design,
                        MIT, Cambridge, USA

yes	18-19 July	AAAI-99, Orlando, Florida

yes     29 Aug-2 Sept   NASA GSFC 

yes	5-7 Nov         AAAI 1999 Fall Symposium, 
                        "Using Layout for the Generation, Understanding 
                         or Retrieval of Documents",
                        Sea Crest Conf Ctr, Falmouth, on Cape Cod, MA. 

yes  20-22 March     AAAI 2000 Spring Symposium Series  "Smart Graphics", 
                        Stanford, CA, USA.

no   22-24 May 	     KIC-4:  IFIP WG5.2 Knowledge Intensive CAD workshop,
                        Parma, Italy. 

yes  8-12 June or    PhD Exam, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

yes  26-29 June      AID'00: 6th Int Conf on  AI in Design (at WPI)

no   7-12 July       ICMAS'2000, Boston, MA. 

yes  30 Jly - 3 Aug  AAAI 2000, Austin, TX.  
                     Mon 31 Jly:  
                     Tutorial User Modeling and Adaptive Interfaces (MP3)

yes  20-25 Aug.      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, College Park MD.

yes  10-12 Sept.     NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, College Park MD.

yes  26-28 Nov.      CAID & CACD 2000:
                     Third Int. Conf. on Computer-Aided Industrial Design 
                     and Computer-Aided Conceptual Design,
                        Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

no   11-13 Dec.      2000 Tokyo International Symposium 
                        on the Modeling of Synthesis
                     University of Tokyo, Japan. 

yes  30 Dec 
     - 6 Jan         London 

== 2001 ==

yes  14-17 Jan       Int Conf on Intelligent User Interfaces
                     Santa Fe, New Mexico, Eldorado Hotel.

yes 30Jul - 2Aug     ICCBR
                     Vancouver, BC, Canada -- Ramada Limited Downtown Vancouver
                     -- Workshop on Creative Systems, 31 July 2001 

yes  4-10 Aug        IJCAI-01, Seattle, Washington
                         -- 6th Aug: Configuration Wkshp

yes  19-24 Aug       NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: WPI Projects Center

yes  10-12 Sept      ASME Design Engineering Technical Confs
                     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Hilton (ASME rate!)
                         -- Design Theory & Methodology conf

no   17-19 Dec       3rd Int Wkshp on Strategic Kn & Concept Formation
                     University of Sydney, Australia.

== 2002 ==

== 2003 ==

no   24-27 Mar       AAAI Spring Symposium "Computational Synthesis", Stanford

yes  1 Aug           Workshop on Implicit Measures of User Interests and Preferences,
                     @ SIGIR, 28 July - 1 Aug, Downtown Hilton, Toronto, Canada.

yes  9-15 Aug        IJCAI 2003, Acapulco, Mexico. 
                     ---- Workshop on Creative Systems 
                     ---- Workshop on Configuration

yes  18-22 Aug       NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, MD.

yes  2-6 Sept        ASME Design Theory & Methodology conf, Chicago

yes  21-23 Sept      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, MD.

no   23 Sept         ELISA workshop, at ICSM'03, Amsterdam

no   1-3 Oct         IEEE Int. Conf. on Integration of Knowledge Intensive MAS,
                     Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA

no   6-9 Oct         CASCON 2003, Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Center & Spa,  
                                  Ontario, Canada.

yes  2-4 Nov          NSF: Workshop, Science of Design: Software-Intensive Systems

== 2002 ==

no   13-16 Jan       IUI 2002, San Francisco, CA

yes  9 May           IIUG, Boston Logan Hilton. 

yes  19-25 May       In Maine.

yes  15-22 June      Ph.D. Oral committee, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
                    (Regal Kowloon Hotel)

yes  15-18 July      AID'02, Cambridge, England.

yes  23-25 July      KIC-5, Univ. Malta.

no   28 July-1 Aug   AAAI-2002, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

no   1-4 Aug         Artificial Stupidity/Artificial Intelligence, 
                     Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre, Canada.

yes  18-23 Aug       NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: WPI Projects Center
                    {start Mon 12th Aug, presentations Tue 8th Oct, last Thu 10th Oct}

yes  28-30 Aug       WAID2002: Int. Workshop on Agents in Design,  MIT, Cambridge.

yes  18-20 Sept      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: WPI Projects Center

yes? Sep29-Oct2      ASME Design Theory & Methodology Conf., Montreal Canada.
                     Le Centre Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Tel: (514) 878-2000;  Fax: (514) 878-3958

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