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Distributed Design Directory

This Distributed Design Directory is sponsored by the AI EDAM Journal. Its purpose is to provide topic-indexed links to projects and centers doing research in the areas of interest to readers of AI EDAM. It is also a way that the journal can help the research community.

The directory for each topic is maintained by a researcher or research group who is actively working in that topic area. Each topic is assumed to be restricted to Design or Manufacturing. For example, ``Case-Based Reasoning'' refers to Case-Based Reasoning in Design and in Manufacturing. More general resources are indicated by ``(general)''.


Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Guidelines for the AI EDAM Distributed Design Directory {Draft}


  • Configuration (general)
  • Functional Reasoning (general)
  • Qualitative Reasoning (general)
  • Case-Based Reasoning (general)
  • Constraints (general)
  • Conflict Management (general)
  • Machine Learning in Design (general)
  • Multi-agent KBDS & Negotiation (general)
  • Innovation/Creativity/Analogy
  • Design Rationale Capture & Use
  • Grammatical Design
  • Set-Based Design
  • Genetic Algorithms (general)
  • Process Planning
  • Process Control
  • Feature-based Design
  • Spatial Reasoning (general)
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning (general)
  • Intelligent WWW Applications
  • Manufacturing Scheduling (general)
  • Data Mining (general)
  • Knowledge-based Statistical Analysis

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