Guidelines for the AI EDAM
Distributed Design Directory

Web sites included in the AI EDAM Distributed Design Directory must be of high quality, as they must maintain the high standards associated with the journal. These guidelines are an attempt to provide reasonable guidance to ensure quality while maintaining appropriate freedom for the developers of the web sites involved.


General Guidelines (for Web Site Editors and for Reviewers)

Every web site selected by the Journal's editor, or the designated associate editor, for inclusion in the Distributed Design Directory must maintain the following standards:

Note that the AI EDAM journal reserves the right to remove a site from the Distributed Design Directory at any time if it is perceived that these guidelines are not being followed appropriately. This will only occur after an appropriate warning. Once a site is removed from the directory the site no longer has permission to use the AI EDAM logo or the term Distributed Design Directory in association with their site.


Guidelines for Web Site Editors

The site should be set up according to the general guidelines. It should consist of a top level page that lists sub-topics or some other organizing principle. Second level pages should point directly to content pages. This will limit the overall depth of the Distributed Design Directory. Care must be taken not to duplicate other subtopics elsewhere in the directory. Contact the Editor or an Associate Editor if there is any doubt about directory organization.

While Web Site Editors have no direct control over sites that their site points to, please check the links at those sites and point out problems to the coordinators of those sites if you find any. This will help the overall quality of information available to the whole AI in Design community.


Guidelines for Web Site Reviewers

Reviewers will be asked to evaluate the quality of the site according to the guidelines given above. A set of review questions will be provided. The results of the review will be abstracted and fed back to the Web Site Editor of the site reviewed in an anonymous fashion. Reviewers should make every attempt to provide an objective review in the best academic tradition. As some reviewers will be selected due to their expertise in the topic area, it is likely that links to the reviewers own work will appear on the site being reviewed. Please make sure that this doesnt affect your review.

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