CS 564/559: Schedule of Readings

Tu, 28 Aug
Needham and Schroeder, Using Encryption for Authentication in Large Networks of Computers. CACM, Dec 1978. papers/needhamSchroeder78.pdf
Th, 30 Aug
Dolev and Yao, On the Security of Public-Key Protocols. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 1983. papers/dolev_yao.pdf
Gavin Lowe, An Attack on the Needham-Schroeder Public Key Authentication Protocol. Information Processing Letters, 1995.
(Francis) papers/lowe95.pdf
Tu, 4 Sep
Abadi and Needham, Prudent Engineering Practice for Cryptographic Protocols. IEEE S&P, 1994.
(Zhenhao) papers/AbadiNeedham.pdf
Th, 6 Sep
To be rescheduled.
Tu, 11 Sep
Thayer, Herzog, and Guttman, Strand Spaces: Why is a Security Protocol Correct? IEEE S&P, 1998.
(David) papers/oakland_strands.pdf
Th, 13 Sep
Lowe, Breaking and Fixing the Needham-Schroeder Public-Key Protocol using FDR, TACAS, 1996.
(Yuncheng) papers/lowe96breaking.pdf
Tu, 18 Sep
Blanchet, An Efficient Protocol Verifier based on Prolog Rules, CSFW 2001.
(Guo) papers/blanchet_csfw01.pdf

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