CS/ECE 545 Homework 3

Complete by Class 4

Gaussian Image

Write a program to create an image having a gaussian intensity. That is, the brightness function should be

where x0 and y0 are the image center locations, A is a constant chosen to produce white at the image center, and s is a scale parameter. Try producing images using various values for s.

Gaussian Transform

Show that when x0=y0=0, the Fourier transform of the gaussian brightness function f(x,y) given above is

Hint: Treat the integration by x and y separately. You may find it helpful to use equation 15.73 of Schaum's Mathematical Handbook,

Median Filtering

Write a program which implements median filtering. Apply it to the images king1.img and king2.img. Notice, in particular, what happens to the uniform areas of the image (the wall in back). The original image king.img is in the image archive.

What happens if you apply median filtering to an image that contains significant small features, such as galaxy.img in the image archive? Apply it to the image galaxy.img to find out.

3x3 Median Filter Question

Find a solution to the question posed in Class 3.

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