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C-Term 2010
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There will be approximately six programming assignments in CS-2303 about one per week. In each programming assignment, you will write a program in C or C++ to use features of the language introduced in class or in the textbook. A completed programming assignment comprises one or more code and interface files plus a written explanation of what you did, the basic algorithm you implemented, any difficulties that you encountered and references to any sources that you used. Specific assignments may also require you to submit your test data and/or output.

Completion of, or good-faith attempts at, all programming assignments is required to pass this course. If you find that an assignment is too difficult or takes too long, then it is best to submit what you have done on time, along with a written explanation analyzing your difficulty or lack of understanding. (You should also follow up with a TA or the Professor.)


Programming environments
Visual Studio
Submitting your work
Programming Assignments

Programming Environments

For the first half of the term, students will submit programs prepared for the CCC Linux systems. For the second half of the term students will submit programs prepared for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

All submitted programs must compile correctly and without warnings on the platform of the assignment in order to receive any credit for an assignment. If the graders cannot compile a submitted program, they will make a good faith attempt to contact you by e-mail and give you a chance to fix it. If you can fix the problem within 24 hours, the graders have the discretion to re-grade your assignment and deduct a 25% penalty.

You may do your work in any environment you wish. However, before you submit your assignment, you must convert it to the programming environment and platform required for that assignment and verify that it still compiles and runs correctly.

For more information on setting up your programming environment, please visit this URL:

Setting Up Your Programming Environment

Submitting your Work

You must submit your programming assignments using the turnin program installed on the CCC systems; this is explained on the following web page:


The turnin tool enables you to submit one or more files as part of your assignment, to verify that they have been correctly submitted, to re-submit (i.e., overwrite) files if necessary, and to check your grade for the assignment and to receive feedback from the graders.

Turnin automatically time-stamps your submissions and identifies those that are late. The graders can download your files to a separate directory, compile your program, and test it against their own data or test cases. Finally, they can upload comments and grades that only you can access.

(If for some reason, turnin does not work for you, please contact the Professor or a TA immediately by e-mail and attach a zipped file containing all of the files of your submission.)


The following are the programming assignments for CS-2303. All assignments are due at 11:59 PM on their due dates.






Jan 21

Print a 12-Month Calendar for a year specified by the user





Jan 28

Game of Life





Feb 7

Event-driven Simulation





Feb 19

Binary Trees





Feb 24
Mar 3

Hash Tables