Office Hours

Professor Fisler's hours are in her office (Fuller 130). Everyone is welcome to just come in and join whatever questions/discussion is happening during these office hours (don't wait in the hall -- just come in). If you want to talk to Professor Fisler in private, please make an appointment for outside office hours. If you want to see Professor Fisler and can't make her office hours, email her for an appointment (please consult her schedule and suggest times when you are both free to reduce back-and-forth email).

TA/SA hours are usually in either FLA21 (the Zoo lab) or FLA22 (both Fuller sub-basement), depending on how crowded the Zoo lab is on a given day. On Monday evenings, we shift to SL011 starting at 5:30. The colors on the above grid mark times when staff are NOT in FLA21 or 22. Also note the scroll bar -- some hours go until 9pm.

Daytime MASH hours are in the Academic Resources Center. Evening MASH hours are in the Exam Proctoring Center between Morgan Dining and Network Operations.

Staff Members

Kathi Fisler

Hao Loi

Yizhou Yan

Jake Hackett

Will Temple

Aura Velarde Ramirez

Joshua Desmond

Tanuj Sane

Kartik Vasu

Jesse Earisman

Binam Kayastha

Andrew Rottier

Brian Keeley-Debonis

Matthew McDonald

Bradford Bonanno

Tiffany Leung

Jesse Marciano

Harry Sadoyan

Chris Bianco

Alex Pauwels

Yihong Zhou

Ming Xu

Ebenezer Ampiah

Lab Staff

Who to Contact for Course Issues

IssueWho to Contact
Lab-related issue (submission, participation, etc)Professor Loi
Grading error on homeworkThe grader listed on your grade spreadsheet
Need clarification on homework problemsPublic post to forum
Question on your approach to homeworkPrivate/staff-only post to forum
Broken links on websitePublic post to forum
Request extension for extenuating circumstancesProfessor Fisler

As a general rule, use the InstructAssist forum to ask questions rather than send email to individual staff. The forum lets you mark each message as public (visible to other students in the class) or private (visible only to the course staff), so it is no less private than staff-wide email. Unlike email, however, the forum lets us track messages and our progress towards handling them.

If you send a message to an individual staff member that should have gone to the forum, we will ask you to use the forum instead. We aren't being rude. We are simply trying to handle the large volume of email that we get in a large course. The less time we spend managing email, the more time we can spend actually helping you!

The forum has different categories for your messages. When you create a message, tag it with the most appropriate category (which will direct it to the right person on our end).

If you have a question that really should go only to one person (such as an extension request or a personal concern for Professor Fisler), email that person directly. There should be very few messages going to individual staff other than Professor Fisler.