Preparing to Add Boas

Come to Friday's class prepared with a class definition and example (object) of a Boa constrictor, which has a name, a length, and a one-word description of something it likes to eat (use a String for this). The class does not need to contain any methods.

The notes do contain a class definition for Boas (at the beginning of section 8.1) which you can look at. If you are still getting comfortable writing class definitions, we suggest you try writing this out by hand before looking at the version in the notes. We will assume everyone has a definition for Boas for the start of Friday's class.

You will not be turning in your definitions. We will not check that you wrote them. We will assume, however, that you are prepared for us to start working with a Boa class without us developing it in class. How you get prepared for that is up to you.