How to Get/Select/Opt-Out of Homework Partners

Each of you will be in one of three homework partner situations: working alone, working with a partner who you identified, and working with a partner who the staff helped you find. This page explains what each situation needs to do in order to submit your work properly.

  • If you are working alone you don't need to do anything. The system will assume everyone is working alone by default.

  • If you chose your own homework partner log into InstructAssist and go to the "Preferences" menu, then "Request Teammate". One of you will indicate that you want the other as a partner; the second student will get an email to confirm the pairing. Partners must be confirmed before 7pm on the Sunday before the assignment is due.

  • If you want help finding a homework partner first fill in this form to indicate that you want a partner. We will attempt to pair up students once a day. Requests must be received by 1pm on Sunday. We will email you your partner assignment. You and your partner must then select and confirm each other through InstructAssist (as explained in the "if you choose your own partner" option just above).

You do not need to keep the same homework partner for all assignments. Feel free to swap partners around as you see fit, to have a partner some weeks and not others, etc.

Do We Have to do this Every Week?

The pairings stay in effect from week to week by default, unless you explicitly break them.

How Do We Change Partners?

InstructAssist also offers a "break partners" option. When you want to change your partner for a subsequent week, break the pairing (which sends a confirmation mail to your old partner) then request a new one.