CS 2102 (B12): Object-Oriented Design Concepts
Staff and Office Hours

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Professor: Kathi Fisler
Office Hours: Monday 10-11 (FL130), Friday 2-3 (FL311), and by appointment.
For appointments, check my calendar and propose a time that is open for us both. I am not on campus on Wednesdays.
Office: Fuller 130, x5118
Email: kfisler@cs.wpi.edu

Other Staff

James Forkey (TA)
Email: jmforkey@wpi.edu

Maryam Hasan (TA)
Email: mhasan@wpi.edu

Olga Poppe (TA)
Email: opoppe@wpi.edu

Chiying Wang (TA)
Email: wangchiying@wpi.edu

Nicholas Morin (SA)
Email: nix1992@wpi.edu

Yilan Liu (SA)
Email: yilanliu91@wpi.edu

Taymon Beal (SA)
Email: taymonbeal@wpi.edu

Brian Gaffey (SA)
Email: bgaffey@wpi.edu

Alex Karp (SA)
Email: alex.karp@wpi.edu

Tim DeFreitas (MASH)
Email: tmdefreitas@wpi.edu

Tim Nelson (Code Practice)
Email: tn@wpi.edu

Office Hours Grid
TA/SA hours will be in FLA22 (sub-basement, next to the computing lab in Fuller)
MASH hours will be held in the Exam Proctoring Center in the first floor of Morgan Hall
Staff names in italics are our extra SAs who assist in office hours but not in labs.

9-10   Taymon   
10-11 Kathi Taymon  Brian
11-12 Maryam    
12-1  Maryam    
1-2  Olga    
2-3  OlgaRyan,Sean   Kathi
3-4  Yilan, ScottRyan,Sean Chiying 
4-5  Yilan, ScottJames, Eyleen Chiying 
5-6 Taymon Yilan, ThomasNicholas, Eyleen   
6-7 AlexBrian, ThomasNicholas, AlexBrian  
7-8 AlexTim (MASH), Steven, MichaelNicholas, Alex Tim (MASH) 
8-9  Steven, MichaelTim (MASH)   

Lab Staff: The star indicates the lab leader. If you have any issues with lab attendance not being recorded in the myWPI gradebook, contact your lab leader.

8am FLA21Taymon, Yilan*
11amFLA21Taymon, Yilan*
12pmFLA21Brian, Alex*
1pm FLA21Alex*, Nicholas
2pm FLA21Brian*, Nicholas
3pm FLA21Brian, Nicholas*
3pm SL123Taymon*, Yilan
4pm FLA21Brian, Nicholas*
4pm SL123Taymon*, Yilan