CS 2102 (B11): Object-Oriented Design Concepts
Staff and Office Hours

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Professor: Kathi Fisler
Office Hours: Monday 10-11, Friday 2-3, and by appointment.
For appointments, check my calendar and propose a time that is open for us both. I am not on campus on Wednesdays.
Office: Fuller 130, x5118
Email: kfisler@cs.wpi.edu

Other Staff (Hours TBA)

Austin Noto-Moniz (SA)
Email: austinnoto@wpi.edu

Christopher Kevorkian (SA)
Email: christopherk@wpi.edu

Chuan Lei (TA)
Email: chuanlei@wpi.edu

Eric Finn
Email: ericfinn@wpi.edu

Francis Usher (TA)
Email: fwusher@wpi.edu

JJ (Zhaochen) Liu (SA)
Email: jj.liu@wpi.edu

Jon Kelly (SA)
Email: jhkelly@wpi.edu

Nicole Seese (MASH tutor)
Email: nseese@wpi.edu

Ryan Danas (SA)
Email: ryandanas@wpi.edu

Sahel Mastoureshgh (TA)
Email: sahel@wpi.edu

Sarah Jaffer (TA)
Email: sjaffer@wpi.edu

Theo Giannakoupoulos
Email: tjgiannak@gmail.com

Xika Lin (TA)
Email: xika@wpi.edu

Office Hours Grid
TA/SA hours will be in FL22 (sub-basement)
MASH hours will be in the MASH center in Daniels Hall

9-10  Chris Chris   
10-11 Kathi Nicole (MASH) Theo 
11-12    Theo 
12-1    Francis  
2-3   Sahel Sarah Nicole (MASH)Kathi
3-4  Jon Sahel,
4-5  Jon Ryan Eric 
5-6  Nicole (MASH)Ryan   
6-7  ChuanEric JJ 
7-8  Chuan  JJ 

Lab Staff: The star indicates the lab leader. If you have any issues with lab attendance not being recorded in the myWPI gradebook, contact your lab leader.

8am GH012Jon*, Chris
11amGH012Jon*, Austin
12pmGH012Austin*, JJ, Jon
1pm GH012JJ*, Jon
2pm GH012JJ*, Chris
3pm SL123Austin*, Eric
3pm GH012Chris*, Theo
4pm SL123Eric*, Austin
4pm GH012Chris*, Ryan