CS 1101: Introduction to Program Design (A05)

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Course staff

PositionNameUsername PhoneOffice Hour
Office Hours
ProfessorKathi Fislerkfisler 508-831-5118Fuller 130Tuesday 2-4, Friday 2-4 and by appointment (schedule)
ProfessorMichael Gennertmichaelg 508-831-5670Fuller 234Monday 11-noon, Thursday 4:30-5:30 and by appointment (schedule)
SA Kevin Kardian othafa   see below Monday 8-10pm, Thursday 8-10pm
TA Piotr Mardziel piotrm   see below Tuesday 8:30-10pm, Friday 4-6:30pm
TA Brad Momberger bmombe1   see below Tuesday 8-10pm, Thursday 2-4pm
SA Gayle Rambeau rambeau   see below Friday 7-9pm
SA Mike Rawdon mrawdon   see below Monday 5-7pm, Tuesday 5-7pm
SA Jenny Schweers j   see below Monday 1-2pm, Tuesday 1-2pm, Thursday 7-9pm
SA Igor Ushakov iushakov   see below Tuesday 11-1pm, Thursday 11-1pm
SA Venera Varbanova venera   see below Monday 3-5pm, Tuesday 7-8pm

The same information is also available as a
schedule by day and time.

* Office hours that start 5 pm or later will be in the lab room (except Fridays), Atwater-Kent 120d; earlier hours will be held in Fuller A22 (Sub-basement). All office hours on Fridays will be held in Fuller A22.

In addition to the course staff, the academic advising office has tutors available for CS 1101. Andrey Sklyar has tutoring hours 12-1 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs in the academic study center in Daniels Hall.

Discussion Board

Direct all course-related discussion to the discussion board in the MyWPI area for this course.

You are responsible for all announcements made to the discussion board (such as clarification to homework problems). Check it daily.


The textbook for the course is How to Design Programs. Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt, and Shriram Krishnamurthi. MIT Press, 2001. (available on-line). You may use the online version or purchase a hard copy.


We will use DrScheme, version 209 for all coding projects in the course. You must use DrScheme version 209 or higher. No other Scheme implementation (or earlier version) provides the libraries that we will use in this course. Lab and assignment material will be tested on version 209.

DrScheme is installed on CCC Unix and all CCC lab machines (On CCC Unix, DrScheme is at /usr/local/bin/drscheme). You can also download it to your own computer; it's free and supports the usual OSes (Unix, PC, Mac). During installation, DrScheme will ask if you want to check for a newer version. Say no.

If your computer uses Windows XP Home (as opposed to XP Professional), you MUST use version 209. The higher version may save files in a format that is incompatible with the software you will use to submit homework.


There will be seven homework assignments, weekly labs, and three exams. Assignments will be posted on the assignments page as they become available (one per week). Assignments will be due on Tuesdays at 11:59pm. Late assignments will not be accepted without prior arrangements or a documented emergency.

Course grades will be computed according to the following rules:

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