CS3013 Turn In

With the exception of Project 0, we will be using the electronic hand-in program to turn in projects. To use the program, login to one of the alpha machine (reno, wp, etc.) and run:

           /cs/cs3013/bin/turnin proj# file1 file2 ...

where "proj#" is the current project id like "proj0", and "file#" is the file you want to turnin (note: you can use wildcard characters, like "*.c"). For example, to turn-in project 1, you might type something like:

           /cs/cs3013/bin/turnin proj1 proj1.c proj1.h README.txt

Click here for more information on how to use this program.

Also, while this is not a software-engineering course, we can not ignore improper programming style. Make proper use of variable names, indentation and comments. Remember, if we cannot read your program, we cannot grade it.

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