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2018 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-18-01 (pdf)
    BBR' - An Implementation of Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip Time Congestion Control for ns-3 (January 2018) Mark Claypool, Jae Chung, and Feng Li.

2017 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-17-04 (pdf)
    Analysis of Current and Future Computer Science Needs via Advertised Faculty Searches for 2018 (November 2017) Craig Wills.
  • WPI-CS-TR-17-03 (pdf)
    Outcomes of Advertised Computer Science Faculty Searchs for 2017 (October 2017) Craig Wills.
  • WPI-CS-TR-17-02 (pdf)
    The Impact of a Single Lecture on Program Plans in First-Year Computer Science Courses (September 2017) Francis Castro, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Kathi Fisler.
  • WPI-CS-TR-17-01 (pdf)
    Geographical Connectivity in the United States (May 2017) Craig Wills.

2016 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-16-03 (pdf)
    The Effects of Delay on Game Actions: Moving Target Selection with a Mouse (July 2016) Mark Claypool, Ragnhild Eg and Kjetil Raaen
  • WPI-CS-TR-16-01 (pdf)
    The competitiveness of games in professional sports leagues. (February 2016) Craig E. Wills

2015 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-15-02 (pdf)
    A quantitative version of the Blow-up Lemma (September 2015) Gabor N. Sarkozy
  • WPI-CS-TR-15-04 (pdf)
    2015 Computer Science Department MQP Review (August 2015) Robert E. Kinicki and Hugh C. Lauer
  • WPI-CS-TR-15-01 (pdf)
    Shared Execution of Recurring Workloads in MapReduce (April 2015) Chuan Lei, Zhongfang Zhuang, Elke Rundensteiner, Mohamed Eltabakh

2014 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-14-07 (pdf)
    A Taxonomy for Player Actions and Latency in Network Games (December 2014) Mark Claypool, Tianhe Wang and McIntyre Watts
  • WPI-CS-TR-14-06 (pdf)
    Analysis of current and future computer science needs via advertised faculty searches (November 2014) Craig E. Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-14-05 (pdf)
    Analysis of U.S. News Graduation Rate Performance for Technological Schools (September 2014) Craig E. Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-14-04 (pdf)
    SIFT: Multi-Physiological Signal Feature Correlation-based Sensor Compromise Detection in Body Sensor Networks (July 2014) Hang Cai, Krishna K. Venkatasubramanian
  • WPI-CS-TR-14-03 (pdf)
    Update: Evaluating Talent Acquisition Via the NFL Draft (May 2014) Casey Barney, Anthony Caravella, Michael Cullen, Gary Jackson and Craig E. Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-14-01 (pdf)
    The ASSISTments Ecosystem: Building Platforms that Glue Scientists and Teachers Together for Low disruption Research on Human Learning and Teaching (March 2014) Neil T. Heffernan, Cristina Lindquist Heffernan

2013 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-13-02 (pdf)
    STEPQ: Extensible Spatio-Temporal Engine for Complex Pattern Queries (March 2013), Mohamed Eltabakh
  • WPI-CS-TR-13-01 (pdf)
    Evaluating Talent Acquisition Via the NFL Draft (March 2013), Casey Barney, Anthony Caravella, Michael Cullen, Gary Jackson, Craig E. Wills

2012 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-12-07 (pdf)
    Robust Distributed Stream Processing (November 2012), Chaun Lei, Elke Rundensteiner and Joshua Guttman
  • WPI-CS-TR-12-06 (pdf)
    Dragonfly - Strengthening Programming Skills by Building a Game Engine from Scratch (October 2012), Mark Claypool
  • WPI-CS-TR-12-05 (pdf)
    A Practical Regularity Partitioning Algorithm and its Applications in Clustering (September 2012), Gabor N. Sarkozy, Fei Song, Endre Szemeredi, Shubhendu Trivedi
  • WPI-CS-TR-12-04 (pdf)
    HandsOn DATABASE: Managing Data Dependencies involving Human Actions (November 2012),  Mohamed Eltabakh, Walid Aref, Ahmed Elmagarmid, Mourad Ouzzani
  • WPI-CS-TR-12-03 (pdf)
    Understanding What They Do with What They Know (August 2012), Craig E. Wills and Can Tatar
  • WPI-CS-TR-12-02
    PARAS - Framework for Online Association Mining (May 2012), Xika Lin, Abhishek Mukherji, Elke A. Rundensteiner, Carolina Ruiz, and Matthew O. Ward
  • WPI-CS-TR-12-01 (pdf)
    A Tree-Climbing Robot for Invasive Insect Detection (April 2012), Benzun Pious, Wisely Babu, Erick T. Read, Justin A. Gostanian, Michael A. Gennert

2011 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-11-04
    Summarization and Matching of Complex Patterns in Streaming Environment (August 2011), Di Yang, Elke A. Rundensteiner, Matthew O. Ward
  • WPI-CS-TR-11-03
    Proactive Promotion (June 2011), Karen Works, Elke A. Rundensteiner
  • WPI-CS-TR-11-02 (pdf)
    Consideration of Service Time in Placing Clients of Web-Based Services (Mar 2011), Wei Zhang, Craig E. Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-11-01 (pdf)
    Achieving High Freshness and Optimal Throughput in Resource-Limited Execution of Multi-Join Continuous Queries (February 2011), Abhishek Mukherji, Elke A. Rundensteiner

2010 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-15 (pdf)
    Nested complex sequence pattern query processing over eventstreams: Rewriting and compacting (November 2010), Mo Liu, Elke Rundensteiner, Dan Dougherty, Chetan Gupta, Song Wang, Ismail Ari, Abhay Mehta
  • WPI-CS-TR-10-14 (pdf)
    JavaScript and Flash Overhead (November 2010), Murad Kaplan, Mihajlo Zeljkovic, Mark Claypool, Craig Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-10-13 (pdf)
    1x EV-DO Forward Link Physical and MAC Layer Overview (August 2010), Zhe Zhou, Mark Claypool, Robert Kinicki
  • WPI-CS-TR-10-12
    Supporting Multi-Criteria Decision Support Queries OverTime-Interval Data Streams (May 2010), Nam Hun Park, Venkatesh Raghavan, Elke Rundensteiner
  • WPI-CS-TR-10-11 (pdf)
    Can we insist students reach proficiency on homework? Yes! (May 2010) Prabodha R. Pradhan, Muhammad B. Saleem, Ravi Singh, Cristina Heffernan, Neil T. Heffernan, Leena Razzaq, Matthew D. Dailey, Cristine O'Connor & Courtney Mulcahy

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-10 (pdf)
    Students Learn More with Computer-Supported Homework (May 2010) Ravi Singh, Muhammad B. Saleem, Prabodha R. Pradhan, Cristina Heffernan, Neil T. Heffernan, Leena Razzaq, Matthew D. Dailey, Cristine O'Connor & Courtney Mulcahy

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-09 (pdf)
    Mastery Learning and Its Effect in ASSISTment (May 2010) Zach Broderick & Neil Heffernan

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-08 (pdf)
    Increasing parent engagement in student learning using an Intelligent Tutoring System (May 2010) Zachary R. Broderick, Christine O'Connor, Courtney Mulcahy, Neil T. Heffernan & Cristina L. Heffernan

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-07 (pdf)
    A Personalized Approach to Web Privacy---Awareness, Attitudes and Actions (April 2010), Craig E. Wills and Mihajlo Zeljkovic

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-06 (pdf)
    Visual Analysis of Multivariate Data Streams Based on DOI Functions (March 2010) Zaixian Xie, Matthew Ward & Elke Rundensteiner.

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-05 (pdf)
    Time-partitioned Index Design for Adaptive Multi-Route Data Stream Systems utilizing Heavy Hitter Algorithms (April 2010) Karen Works, Elke A. Rundensteiner & Emmanuel Agu

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-04

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-03 (pdf)
    Artistic Creativity and its Evaluation (February 2010) David C. Brown

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-02 (pdf)
    Guiding Computational Design Creativity Research (February 2010) David C. Brown

  • WPI-CS-TR-10-01 (pdf)

2009 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-09-13 (pdf)
    A New Look At Generating Multi-Join Continuous Query Plans: A Qualified Plan Generation Problem (November 2009) Yali Zhu, Venkatesh Raghavan & Elke Rundensteiner
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-12 (pdf)
    A Survey of User Interfaces for Robot Teleoperation (November 2009) Paulo G. de Barros & Robert W. Lindeman
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-11
    P-Cam: A Programmable Architecture For Digital Camera Back-ends (October 2009) Clifford Lindsay, Emmanuel Agu & Fan Wu
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-10 (pdf)
    Interface Design For Programmable Cameras (October 2009) Clifford Lindsay, Robert W. Lindeman & Emmanuel Agu
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-09 (pdf)
    A Multi-sensorial HRI Interface for Teleoperated Robots (October 2009) Paulo G. de Barros, Robert W. Lindeman & Matthew O. Ward
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-08
    E-Cube: Multi-Dimensional Event Sequence Analysis Using Hierarchical Pattern Query Sharing (October 2009) Mo Liu, Elke Rundensteiner, Kara Greenfield, Chetan Gupta, Song Wang, Ismail Ari & Abhay Mehta
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-07 (pdf)
    Achieving High Output Utility under Limited Resources through Structure-based Spilling in XML Streams (July 2009) Mingzhu Wei, Elke A. Rundensteiner & Murali Mani
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-06
    Highly Efficent Neighbor-Based Pattern Detection Over Streaming Windows (June 2009) Di Yang, Elke A. Rundensteiner & Matthew O. Ward
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-05 (pdf)
    Progressive Result Generation for Multi-Criteria Decision Support Queries (June 2009) Venkatesh Raghavan & Elke A. Rundensteiner
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-04 (pdf)
    Multiple Query Optimization for Density-Based Clustering Queries over Streaming Windows (April 2009) Di Yang, Elke A. Rundensteiner & Matthew O. Ward
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-03 (pdf)
    Skyline and Mapping Aware Query Evaluation Across Disparate Data Sources(March 2009) Venkatesh Raghavan, Shweta Srivastava,
    and Elke A. Rundensteiner
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-02 (pdf)
    Unit testing of Software Components with inter-component dependencies (February 2009) George Heineman
  • WPI-CS-TR-09-01
    A Study of Worked Examples versus Tutored Problem Solving (January 2009) Kim Ryung, Robert Wietz & Neil Heffernan

2008 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-08-16 (pdf)
    Butterfly: A Provenance Management System (December 2008) Yaobin Tang & Murali Mani
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-15
    FSA Cost Comparison for XML Stream Processing (December 2008) Joseph Lapointe & Murali Mani
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-14 (pdf)
    Well-behaved parsing of extensible-syntax languages (October 2008) John Shutt
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-13 (pdf)
    Monochromatic Hamiltonian 3-tight Berge cycles in 2-colored 4-uniform hypergraphs (October 2008) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Endre Szemeredi
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-12 (pdf)
    The stability of the path-path Ramsey number (October 2008) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Endre Szemeredi
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-11 (pdf)
    Ramsey-type results for Gallai colorings (October 2008) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Stanley Selkow
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-10 (pdf)
    Long monochromatic Berge cycles in colored 4-unform hypergraphs (October 2008) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Endre Szemeredi
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-09 (pdf)
    How to avoid using the Regularity Lemma: Posa's Conjecture revisited (October 2008) Ian Levitt, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Endre Szemeredi
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-08 (pdf)
    Multipartite Ramsey numbers for odd cycles (October 2008) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Richard Schelp
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-07 (pdf)
    An Analysis of Middle-School Math Errors Across Schools (September 2008) Rob Weitz, Neil T. Heffernan, David Rosenthal & Mingyu Feng
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-06 (pdf)
    The ASSISTment Builder: Supporting the Life Cycle of ITS Content Creation (August 2008) Leena Razzaq, Jozsef Patvarczki, Shane F. Almeida, Manasi Vartak, Mingyu Feng, Neil T. Heffernan & Kenneth R. Koedinger
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-05 (pdf)
    2008 Computer Science Department MQP Review (August 2008) Craig Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-04 (pdf)
    A Quick 3D-to-2D Points Matching Based on the Perspective Projection (June 2008) Songxiang Gu, Cliff Lindsay, Michael A. Gennert & Michael A. King
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-03 (pdf)
    Cost-Effective Content Creation with Variabilization (March 2008) Manasi P. Vartak, Shane F. Almeida & Neil T. Heffernan
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-02 (pdf)
    Lessons Learned from Scaling Up a Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System (March 2008) Jozsef Patvarczki, Shane F. Almeida, Joseph E. Beck & Neil T. Heffernan
  • WPI-CS-TR-08-01 (pdf)
    Abstractive Power of Programming Languages: Formal Definition (March 2008) John Shutt

2007 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-07-16 (pdf)
    Some Reactions to Presentations at the 2007 Computational Creativity Workshop (December 2007) David C. Brown
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-15 (pdf)
    Monochromatic matchings in the shadow graph of almost complete hypergraphs (September 2007) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Endre Szemeredi
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-14 (pdf)
    Monochromatic Hamiltonian t-tight Berge-cycles in hypergraphs (September 2007) Paul Dorbec, Sylvain Gravier & Gabor N. Sarkozy
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-13 (pdf)
    The Ramsey number of diamond-matchings and loose cycles in hypergraphs (September 2007) Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Endre Szemeredi
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-12 (pdf)
    The 3-color Ramsey number of a 3-uniform Berge-cycle (September 2007) Andras Gyarfas & Gabor N. Sarkozy
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-11 (pdf)
    A fast parallel algorithm for finding Hamiltonian cycles in dense graphs (September 2007) Gabor N. Sarkozy
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-10 (pdf)
    Inequalities for the First-Fit chromatic number (September 2007) Zoltan Furedi, Andras Gyarfas, Gabor N. Sarkozy & Stanley Selkow
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-09 (pdf)
    An Analytic Comparison of RPS Video Repair (August 2007) Yubing Wang, Mark Claypool & Robert E. Kinicki
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-08 (pdf)
    User-Centered Network Measurement (August 2007) Mark Claypool, Robert E. Kinicki & Craig Wills
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-07 (pdf)
    Core XACML and Term Rewriting (October 2007) Daniel J. Dougherty
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-06 (pdf)
    Load Shedding in XML Streams (June 2007) Mingzhu Wei, Elke A. Rundensteiner & Murali Mani.
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-05 (pdf)
    Teaching Technology Fellowship Report on Demonstration/Measurement System for Wireless Networks (May 2007) Robert E. Kinicki, Mark Claypool & Mingzhe Li.
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-04
    Measuring Student Engagement in an Intelligent Tutoring System (May 2007) Nicholas M. Lloyd.
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-03 (pdf)
    Research Resources for Network Application Studies (May 2007) Mark Claypool, Robert E. Kinicki & Craig Wills.
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-02 (pdf)
    Network Characteristics for Server Selection in Online Games (May 2007) Mark Claypool.
  • WPI-CS-TR-07-01
    Pareto-based Perceptual Metric for Imperceptible Simplification on Mobile Displays (Apr 2007) Fan Wu, Emmanuel Agu & Clifford Lindsay.

2006 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-06-20 (pdf)
    Measuring the Queue Size for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Points (Oct 2006) Feng Li, Lu Rui, Mingzhe Li, Huahui Wu, Mark Claypool & Robert E. Kinicki.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-19 (pdf)
    A Study of Video Motion and Scene Complexity Characteristics (May 2006) Huahui Wu, Mark Claypool & Robert E. Kinicki.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-18 (ps)(pdf)
    On the distribution of a Saddle-point Value in a Random Matrix (Sept 2006) Micha Hofri.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-17 (ps)(pdf)
    Analysis of An Approximate Median Selection Algorithm (Aug 2006) Domenico Cantone & Micha Hofri.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-16 (ps)(pdf)
    An Efficient Approximate Algorithm for the k-th Selection Problem (Sept 2006) D. Cantone, G. Cincotti & M. Hofri.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-15 (pdf)
    2006 Computer Science Department MQP Review (Aug 2006) George Heineman & Craig Wills.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-14 (pdf)
    WBest: a Bandwidth Estimation Tool for Multimedia Streaming Application over IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks (July 2006) Mingzhe Li, Mark Claypool & Robert E. Kinicki.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-13 (pdf)
    On Latency and Player Actions in Online Games. (Jul 2006) Mark Claypool & Kajal Claypool.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-12 (pdf)
    Scaling up the Server-based ASSISTment ITS: Speed and Reliability (Jun 2006) Kai Rasmussen, Jozsef Patvarczki & Neil T. Heffernan.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-11 (pdf)
    Updating Views Over Recusive XML (Jun 2006) Ming Jiang, Ling Wang, Murali Mani & Elke Rundensteiner.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-10
    {Report withdrawn}
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-09 (pdf)
    Evaluating the Performance Gains from Directional Antennas in an Unplanned 802.11b Mesh Network (May 2006) J. Wilson, P. Gemme & E. Agu.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-08 (pdf)
    Common Tutor Object Platform: an e-Learning Software Development Strategy (May 2006) Goss Nuzzo-Jones, Michael Macasek, Jason Walonoski, Kai Rasmussen & Neil T. Heffernan.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-07 (pdf)
    Towards Enabling Collaboration in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (May 2006) Michael A. Macasek & Neil T. Heffernan.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-06 (pdf)
    Knowledge Engineering for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Using machine learning assistance to help humans tag questions to skills based upon the words in the questions (May 2006) Kevin Kardian & Neil T. Heffernan.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-05 (pdf)
    Prevention of Off-Task Gaming Behavior in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (May 2006) Jason Walonoski & Neil T. Heffernan.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-04 (pdf)
    A New Undergraduate Major: Interactive Media and Game Development (2006) David Finkel, Mark Claypool, Michael A. Gennert, Fred Bianchi, Dean O'Donnell & Patrick Quinn.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-03 (pdf)
    Modeling and Simulating Packet Dispersion in Wireless 802.11 Networks (2006) Mingzhe Li, Mark Claypool & Robert E. Kinicki.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-02 (pdf)
    Survey of Objective Video Quality Measurements (2006) Yubing Wang.
  • WPI-CS-TR-06-01
    Cinderella and the Big Dance (Mar 2006) Craig Wills

2005 Tech Reports

2004 Tech Reports

2003 Tech Reports

2002 Tech Reports

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1996 Tech Reports

1995 Tech Reports

1994 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-94-4 - (pdf)
    Analyzing NIBGF and Bang Files Using the Capitalist Model (November 1994). Stephen Taylor, Nabil I. Hachem & Stanley Selkow.
  • WPI-CS-TR-94-3 - (pdf)
    Replaces WPI-CS-TR-94-1. Derivation Nets: A Petri Net Model for the Management of Data Derivations in Scientific Experiments (August 1994). Nabil I. Hachem, Nina Serrao, Michael A. Gennert & Ke Qiu.
  • WPI-CS-TR-94-2 - (pdf)
    Experience with an Interactive Attribute-Based User Information Environment} (August 1994). Craig E. Wills, Dominic Giampaolo & Michael Mackovitch. Proceedings: The IEEE International Conference on Computers and Communications, March 1995, Phoenix, AZ.
  • WPI-CS-TR-94-1
    Replaced by WPI-CS-TR-94-3

1993 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-93-11 - (pdf)
    Self-Modifying Finite Automata (December 1993). Roy S. Rubinstein & John N. Shutt.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-10
    An Evaluation Of Spec Benchmarks (December 1993). Jozo J. Dujmovic.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-9
    A Method For Evaluation And Design Of Benchmark Suites (December 1993). Jozo J. Dujmovic.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-8
    Adaptive Resource Management (December 1993). Craig E. Wills & Surendar Chandra.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-7
    Evaluation Of Spec Benchmarks Using A Black-Box Method (December 1993). Jozo J. Dujmovic.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-6
    The Independence Number Of Graphs In Terms Of Degrees (August 1993). Stanley M. Selkow. Discrete Mathematics 122, 1993, pp. 343-348.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-5
    1993 Computer Science Department MQP Review (August 1993). Robert E. Kinicki & Craig E. Wills.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-4
    Visualization Of A User's Information Space (August 1993). Craig E. Wills, Joachim Heck & Ramin Taraz. Proceedings: The ACM Computer Science Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 1994.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-3 - (pdf)
    Music Related Computer Science MQP's (July 1993). Roy S. Rubinstein.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-2 - (pdf)
    Multiscale Relaxation Labeling Of Fractal Images (April 1993). Jeffrey A. Choate & Michael A. Gennert. A condensed version appeared in Proceedings: The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, New York, NY, June 1993.
  • WPI-CS-TR-93-1 - (pdf)
    A Visual Programming Environment For Supporting Scientific Data Analysis (March 1993). Yuhong Zhang, Matthew O. Ward, Nabil I. Hachem & Michael A. Gennert. Proceedings: The Symposium on Visual Languages, Bergen, Norway, August 1993.

1992 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-92-8 - (pdf)
    Managing Derived Data In The Gaea Scientific Database Management System (December 1992). Nabil I. Hachem, Ke Qiu, Michael A. Gennert & Matthew O. Ward Proceedings: The 19th VLDB Conference, Dublin, Ireland, August 1993.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-7
    Sharing Customization In A Campus Computing Environment (December 1992). Craig E. Wills, Kirstin Cadwell & William Marrs. Proceedings: HCI International '93, Orlando, FL, August 1993.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-6
    A Visual Environment For Scientific Data Analysis (August 1992). Yuhong Zhang.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-5 - (pdf)
    (Revised version of 90-3) Relativizations Of The P-Printable Sets. And The Sets With Small Generalized Kolmogorov Complexity (August 1992). Roy S. Rubinstein.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-4
    A Neural Network That Uses A Hebbian/Backpropagation Hybrid Learning Rule (January 1992). Richard J. Wood & Michael A. Gennert. Proceedings: The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'92), Baltimore, MD, June 1992.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-3 - (pdf)
    Providing Temporal Support In Database Management Systems For Global Change Research (January 1992). Ke Qiu, Nabil I. Hachem, Matthew O. Ward & Michael A. Gennert. Proceedings: The 6th International Working Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDM'92), ETH, Switzerland, June 1992.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-2
    Comparisons Of Distributed Operating System Performance Using The Wpi Benchmark Suite (January 1992). David Finkel, Robert E. Kinicki, Jonas Lehmann & Joseph CaraDonna.
  • WPI-CS-TR-92-1
    Developing Benchmarks To Measure The Performance Of The Mach Operating System (January 1992). David Finkel, Robert E. Kinicki, Aju John, Bradford Nichols & Somesh Rao. Proceedings: The USENIX Mach Workshop, Burlington, VT, October 1990.

1991 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-91-15
    Load Sharing Using Multicasting (December 1991). Craig E. Wills & David Finkel. Proceedings: The IEEE International Conference on Computers and Communications, Phoenix, AZ, March 1993.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-14
    Resource-Driven Resource Location (October 1991). Craig E. Wills & Shanti Suresh. Proceedings: The 26th International Conference on System Sciences, Maui, Hawaii, January 1993.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-13
    Computer Science Department MQP Review (July 1991). Robert E. Kinicki & Craig E. Wills.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-12
    An Intelligent Graphical Interface For Tunnel Support Specification (July 1991). David C. Brown, Guillermo F. Salazar & Shawna X. Liu. Proceedings: The First World Congress on Expert Systems, Orlando, FL, December 1991.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-11
    Performance Analysis Of The Object Cluster Locking Protocol For Distributed Object-Bases (July 1991). Robert E. Kinicki.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-10
    A Petri-Net Driven Knowledge Base System For Automated Microcode Generation In VLSI (May 1991). Nabil I. Hachem. Proceedings: The IASTED International Symposium on Modeling and Simulation, Calgary, Canada, July 1991.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-9
    Design (May 1991). David C. Brown. Article published in: The Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, (Ed.) S.C. Shapiro, Wiley-Interscience, 1992.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-8
    Strategies For Using Multicasting To Locate Resources (April 1991). Craig E. Wills. Proceedings: The IEEE 16th Conference on Local Computer Networks, Minneapolis, MN, October 1991.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-7
    A Model For Executing Computations In A Distributed Environment (April 1991). Craig E. Wills. Readings in Distributed Computing Systems, (Eds.) T.L. Casavant & M. Singhal, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-6
    Cractal Generation And Analysis (May 1991). David Gosselin & Jeffrey LeBlanc.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-5
    Evaluating Design Knowledge Compilation Mechanisms (March 1991). Maryann B. Spillane & David C. Brown. Intelligent Computer Aided Design, (Eds.) D.C. Brown, M.B. Waldron & H. Yoshikawa, North-Holland, 1992.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-4
    Routineness Revisited (1991). David C. Brown. In: Mechanical Design: Theory and Methodology, (Eds.) M. Waldron & K. Waldron, Springer-Verlag, 1996, pp. 195-208.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-3
    Using Design History Systems For Technology Transfer (1991). David C. Brown & Rahul Bansal. Computer-Aided Cooperative Product Development, (Eds.) D. Sriram & R. Logcher, Lecture Notes Series, Springer-Verlag, 1991.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-2
    An Experimental Evaluation Of Some Design Knowledge Compilation Mechanisms (June 1991). David C. Brown & Maryann B. Spillane. Proceedings: The First International Conference on AI in Design, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 1991.
  • WPI-CS-TR-91-1
    Compilation: The Hidden Dimension Of Design Systems (1991). David C. Brown. Intelligent CAD, III, (Eds.) H. Yoshikawa & F. Arbab, North-Holland, 1991.

1990 Tech Reports

  • WPI-CS-TR-90-18
    Implications Of Elastic Buckets On The Performance Of An Extendible Hashing File (October 1990). Nabil I. Hachem.
  • WPI-CS-TR-90-17
    Knowledge Reusability In Diagnostic Environments (November 1990). Lee A. Becker & Todd Guay.
  • WPI-CS-TR-90-16
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