Advanced Computer Networks (CS577/EE537)

Spring 1997

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Computer Science Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA 01609
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Course Overview

Advanced Computer Networks is designed to build on knowledge from previous computer networks courses and allow the student to learn about the latest developments in the computer and communications networks area.

Advanced Computer Networks will be taught in "seminar" style.

There will not be a textbook for the course and the course will focus on gathering knowledge from the current available literature.

The student will have to do a class project and a presentation on one of the papers from the literature.

There will be a one-hour midterm exam and a three hour final exam.

Required Background and/or Prerequisites

Course Objectives

Homework Assignments

Homework Assignment 1
Due: February 4, 1997

Each student needs to select, duplicate and bring to class two or three articles from the literature. Two of the papers have to be from different topic areas of the networks' frontier.