CS563 - Recommended Texts for Advanced Graphics

You can borrow any of these from me for a 3-week period. The library has some of them as well.

Glassner, Andrew (ed.), An Introduction to Ray Tracing, Academic Press, 1989 [WPI library, Matt Ward]

Graphics Gems (several volumes), [WPI library]

Keller, Peter R., and Keller, Mary M., Visual Cues - Practical Data Visualization, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1993 [Matt Ward]

Mantyla, Martti, An Introduction to Solid Modeling, Computer Science Press, 1988 [Matt Ward]

Nielson, Gregory M., Shriver, Bruce, and Rosenblum, Lawrence (ed.), Visualization in Scientific Computing, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1990 [Matt Ward]

Palamidese, Patrizia, Scientific Visualization - Advanced Software Techniques, Ellis Horwood, 1993 [Matt Ward]

Thalmann, Daniel (ed.), Scientific Visualization and Graphics Simulation, John Wiley, 1990 [Matt Ward]

Tufte, Edward R., The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Graphics Press, 1983 [WPI library, Matt Ward]

Tufte, Edward R., Envisioning Information, Graphics Press, 1990 [Matt Ward]

Tufte, Edward R., Visual Explanations, Graphics Press, 1997 [Matt Ward]

Upstill, Steve, The Renderman Companion, Addison-Wesley, 1990 [Matt Ward]

Vince, John, 3-D Computer Animation, Addison-Wesley, 1992 [Matt Ward]

Watt, Alan, and Watt, Mark, Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques, Addison Wesley, 1992 [Matt Ward]

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