Kathi Fisler's info on RAships Information on RAships
by Kathi Fisler, WPI CS

I am not taking on new students at WPI. I will be moving to Brown University in summer 2017.

Read this page carefully before contacting me to ask for an RAship.

My RA policy: I do not consider students for RAships unless they have (1) taken a course from me or (2) done a project with me. In particular, this means that I do not fund incoming students. The only possible exception is for students with prior publication in my research area.

If you want to know what projects I'm working on, look at my research page. If you want to know how to prepare to apply for an RAship after you arrive at WPI, read on! (if you contact me about funding, I'll check that you've read this entire document.) This document details my expectations for students who want to pursue an RAship with me after arriving at WPI.

General Information on RAships

Read the general information page before reading the rest of this document.

Students wishing to prepare for RAships in my group should:

Generally speaking, I'm looking for evidence that you are actually interested in my research area and have basic preparation to do projects. Be creative in how you demonstrate this to me!


(If you contact me for info about RAships, say "logik rools" in your message to prove that you've read the whole document.)

Kathi Fisler
WPI Computer Science