Curriculum Vitae

Gary F. Pollice



B.A., Mathematics, Rutgers University, 1973

M.S., Computer Science, U. Massachusetts, Lowell, 1994


Other graduate studies:

Stevens Institute of Technology, Computer Science, 1973-76

University of Texas, San Antonio, Computer Science, 1983-85

Wang Institute of Graduate Studies, Software Engineering, 1987-89

U. Massachusetts, Lowell, Computer Science, 1994-97 (ABD)

Teaching Experience

Relevant Industrial Experience

Datapoint Technology Center, San Antonio, TX, 1983-85

SofTech, Waltham, MA, 1985

Sun Microsystems, Billerica, MA, 1985-87

Digital Equipment Corp., Nashua, NH, 1987-91

Centerline Software, Cambridge, MA, 1991-96

Rational Software, Lexington, MA, 1996-2003


Areas of specialization: compiler technology, software engineering, software process and methods, programming methods, software tools, software reuse.


I have held positions, from individual contributor in a software tools company, to director level positions, and member of the research staff. I have a broad area of expertise in general software engineering, and more in-depth knowledge of software engineering process and principles, tools development, compiler theory, and formal languages. Recently, I have been investigating the soft issues that affect software development; for example the way people collaborate and interact to share knowledge, empirical software engineering, and software testing..


Invited Talks and Other Conference Participation

Professional Affiliations

IEEE Computer Society

Association of Computing Machinery

Society of Software Engineers (Wang Institute Alumni)

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Gary Pollice