WPI Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department

CS 528 Fall 2020
Technical Talk on Mobile Technology (15/100 of course grade)

Project Requirements

Your GROUP is required to research, master and present on any TWO mobile technologies. Your talk should cover the following: The grading rubric for the tech talk is posted [ Here ] . Make sure to use the following [ Powerpoint template ] for your talk. A partial list of POSSIBLE topics are listed below. You can suggest other topics. But to avoid multiple groups presenting the same topic, all groups have to email me what TWO technologies they would like to present by October 28, 2020. TWO IMPORTANT RULES.

Sample of topics topics. You can suggest topics that any interesting mobile topics. Be sure to check with me if you're not sure if a topic is a good one.

Submitting Your Work

You will simply submit your slides from your talk and your working code examples with clear instructions (a README) on how to compile and run your code. Make sure to double-check that everything works before submitting. Create a single zip file containing the folders above. Name your zip file according to the convention LastName1_LastName2_LastName3_tech_talk.zip where LastName1, LastName2, LastName3 are the last names of your group members. Submit your zip file via InstructAssist. Do not email me or the TAs your zip file.

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