WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science Department

Four Year CS Advising Plan

Year 1

CS 1000 and some 2000-level courses, including CS 2102.
Four humanities courses.
Four Math courses (Calculus).
{Note that PE courses can be added at any time during the 4 years}

Year 2

The last humanities course plus Inquiry Seminar (or Sufficiency).
Finish all CS 2000-level and start CS 3000-level CS.
Two Social Science courses.
Science/Eng and Math (Lin.Alg, Prob., Stats)

Year 3

IQP (preferably in A, B and C terms).
Finish all or most 3000 level CS courses.
Take selected CS 4000-level courses.
Science/Eng, Math, Mgt, etc.
{consider BS/MS at WPI?}

Year 4

MQP (preferably in A, B and C terms).
CS 4000-level courses
Science/Eng, Math, Mgt, etc.
{job hunting or grad school applications}

Make sure you understand the CS-specific requirements about Math., Science/Eng. and the 4000-level courses.

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