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Version: Tue Oct 19 19:14:30 EDT 2010

E term 
      6:00 -- WFC Open Fencing

A term 2010
  M/W/F Fencing Club 
  HCI Class
  MS thesis

B term 2010
  T/R/F Fencing Club 
  MS thesis

  1. When at WPI I am usually in my office afternoon and evenings, but work at home in the morning unless there are scheduled meetings. Please don't ask me to be here before 11 am -- I'd rather have a meeting at 11 pm! I read email often so that's probably the best way to reach me.
  2. If you want me to sign something the fastest way is to leave it with a CS secretary, along with your email address. I'll sign it as soon as I get a chance. The secretary will email you to let you know it's been signed, and you can collect it from her.
  3. The list above just shows regularly scheduled meetings. There are others!

Possible Travels:

== 2010 ==

DCC'10, Design Computing and Cognition, July, Stuttgart.

ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, August, Montreal, CA.

== 2009 ==

Computational Creativity : An Interdisciplinary Approach,
Schloss Dagstuhl, Leibniz Center for Informatics, Germany. 

ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, San Diego, CA. 

== 2008 ==

yes   21-25 Jun      DCC'08, Georgia Tech., Atlanta.

== 2007 ==

yes    17-19 Jun     Workshop on Computational Creativity, France.

yes    4-7 Sep       ASME DETC conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

== 2006 ==

yes  2-11 Jan        Design Workshop, Bangalore, India.

yes  10-13 Sep       ASME DETC conference, Philadelphia.

== 2005 ==

yes  25-29 Sep       ASME DETC conference, Long Beach CA.

== 2004 ==

yes  17-18 Jul       DCC'04 Workshops. 

yes  19-21 Jul       DCC'04: 1st Int. Conf on Design Computing & Cognition, MIT

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