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CERA: An International Journal

Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications (CERA) is an international journal that keeps pace with the plethora of current and developing techniques and applications about Concurrent Engineering (CE) and Integrated product development (IPD) around the world. As such readers and subscribers can gain access to a wealth of relevant and practical materials at one place. This journal publishes a wide range of materials on CE from internationally distinguished experts in academe, industry and government. Scholarly examinations of the latest CE theory and practice in the world's leading teaching and research institutions are augmented by contributions from senior business managers and consultants, who report on specific CE case histories together with issues associated with concurrent life-cycle management and CE strategies. In addition, regular guest editors identify innovations and emerging trends in CE through special issues of the journal. This journal combines CE theory with practice and is essential reading for those that need to keep up to date with everything happening in a dynamic and increasingly influential field of CE and IPD.