Contain 28 participants (21 right-handed and 7 left-handed, 22 male and 6 female)

Last update (Apr. 25. 2011)

6DMG database

We are still doing post-processing to remove the identities of testers in the video recording.  The video resolution is 1920 x 1080p.  You can request these videos by emailing us.  Here’s a snapshot of the recording video.

Supporting videos


6DMG loader shows how to load gestures from 6DMG database into the C++ struct.  It is a good start point to wrap 6DMG into other applications.  The code should work on major compilers, but is only tested on VS2008. 

!!! IMPORTANT !!! see README.txt for VS2008 working directory setting.

!!! NEW !!! the MATLAB exporter and the .mat files are now included in 6DMG loader.

!!! NEW !!! the HTK exporter is now included in 6DMG loader.

Last update (Sep. 26. 2011)

6DMG loader


6DMG viewer loads gestures and render the motion on screen.  To compile the source code of 6DMG viewer, you have to install Ogre SDK first.  See the wiki for “how to”. 

!!! IMPORTANT !!! see README.txt for VS2008 working directory setting. 

!!! DIRECT USE !!! download the precompiled binary for direct use.

Last update (Apr. 29. 2011)

6DMG viewer

MotionGesture.db (17.3MB)


The details about how the motion tracking and gesture recording are done.  This work was first presented as a 2-page abstract poster in the workshop on Gesture Recognition in CVPR11.  It will be appeared as a dataset paper in MMSys12.

Last update (Dec. 15. 2011)

Technical paper

src (17.6MB)

src (24.3MB)

precompiled binary (21.7MB)


.mat files (19.7MB)