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The Congestion Control Research Group (CCRG) investigates research issues related to Internet networking, primarily congestion control. The CCRG is a discussion oriented group where relevant papers are chosen each week and discussed, followed by relevance to our current research projects.

The CCRG is for students at WPI. If you would like to join the group, please send email to Professor Mark Claypool.

Funding: The CCRG funding sources have included Verizon, Viasat and NSF.

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Maryam Ataie Kachooei (WPI)
Jae Chung (Viasat)
Mark Claypool (WPI) [homepage]
Zijian Guan (WPI)
Feng Li (Viasat)
Kristi Prifti (WPI)
Daniel Quackenbush (WPI)
Xiaokun Xu (WPI)

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Xiaokun Xu and Mark Claypool. "Measurement of Cloud-based Game Streaming System Response to Competing TCP Cubic or TCP BBR Flows", In Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Nice, France, October 25-27, 2022. Online at: https://web.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/game-stream-imc-22/

Maryam Ataei Kachooei, Pinhan Zhao, Feng Li, Jae Won Chung, and Mark Claypool. "Fixing TCP Slow Start for Slow Fat Links", In Proceedings of the 0x16 NetDev Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2022. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/tcp-best-netdev-22/

Mingxi Liu, Yongcheng Liu, Zhifei Ma, Zachary Porter, Jae Chung, Saahil Claypool, Feng Li, Jacob Tutlis, and Mark Claypool. "The Effects of a Performance Enhancing Proxy on TCP Congestion Control over a Satellite Network", In Proceedings of the 26th IEEE International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference (IPCCC), Austin, TX, USA, November 11th - 13th, 2022. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/sat-pep-22/

Xiaokun Xu and Mark Claypool. "Measurement of the Responses of Cloud-based Game Streaming to Network Congestion", In Proceedings of the 32nd ACM International Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV), Athlone, Ireland, June 17, 2022. Online at: https://web.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/game-stream-nossdav-22/

Pinhan Zhao, Benjamin Peters, Jae Won Chung, and Mark Claypool. "Competing TCP Congestion Control Algorithms over a Satellite Network", In Proceedings of the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), Virtual Conference, January 8-11, 2022. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/tcp-compete-22/

Benjamin Peters, Pinhan Zhao, Jae Won Chung, and Mark Claypool. "TCP HyStart Performance over a Satellite Network", In Proceedings of the 0x15 NetDev Conference, Virtual Conference, July 2021. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/tcp-hystart-netdev-21/

Saahil Claypool, Jae Chung, and Mark Claypool. "Comparison of TCP Congestion Control Performance over a Satellite Network", In Proceedings of the Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), Virtual Conference, April 2021. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/tcp-sat-pam-21/

Saahil Claypool, Jae Chung, and Mark Claypool. "Measurements Comparing TCP Cubic and TCP BBR over a Satellite Network", In Proceedings of the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), Virtual Conference, January 9-12, 2021. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/bbr-cubic-sat/

Saahil Claypool, Mark Claypool, Jae Chung, and Feng Li. "Sharing but not Caring - Performance of TCP BBR and TCP CUBIC at the Network Bottleneck", In Proceedings of the 4th IARIA International Conference on Advances in Computation, Communications and Services (ACCSE), Nice, France, July 28 - August 2, 2019. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/bbr/

Mark Claypool, Feng Li, and Jae Chung. "BBR' - An Implementation of Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip Time Congestion Control for ns-3", In Proceedings of the Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3), Mangalore, India, June 2018. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/bbr-prime/

Feng Li, Jae Won Chung, Xiaoxiao Jiang, and Mark Claypool. "TCP CUBIC versus BBR on the Highway", In Proceedings of the Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), Berlin, Germany, March 2018. Online at: http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~claypool/papers/driving-bbr/

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