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WPI has a large number of specialized labs. The AI Lab is just on of many labs in the CS Department that support research and projects.

The Machines

In the AI Lab [FL 312] we have two DEC Alphas, three Xterms and a Pentium PC. A PostScript laser printer is available in a nearby room. The two Xerox LISP Workstations and the Sun SPARC workstations have been "retired".

About the machines:

DEC Alpha, with color monitor and disk.
DEC Alpha, with color monitor and disk.
Pentium II 450 MHz with 128 MB memory.
Laser printer (name : ps3)
Command to print on it: lpr -Pps3 filename The printer is in FL314.

Note: the lab's computers are all named after nuts because it's rumored that one has to be nuts to do AI.


The Operating Systems


Expert System Development Tools

A rule based system shell. Source code is in /usr/local/cl. (still available?)
A Knowledge-base shell. Runs on the PC, and on workstations.
An application language used for Design.
(running in LISP).
Demonstrations of other PC expert system tools are available.


Languages and other tools

Allegro Common Lisp Professional Edition 6.2 (as of Aug 2002)
Available on CS.WPI.EDU
Runs Common Windows. Includes Composer environment & CLOS.
ACL 6.2 is now started by using "/usr/local/acl62/alisp".
On CS.WPI.EDU the command "acl" will start Allegro Common Lisp.
Use the function (exit) to return to the Unix prompt.
Documentation is available at /usr/local/acl62/doc/
The Index to all Documentation is at file:/shared/linux/acl62/doc/index.htm on the web.
Details of The Emacs-Lisp Interface are at file:/shared/linux/acl62/doc/eli.htm
See /usr/local/acl62/doc/basic-lisp-techniques.pdf for a LISP book.
Available on WPI. To run type "cmucl".
IBUKI Common Lisp
Available on BIGWPI (still?) To run type "ibcl".
General information about LISP and its use at WPI is available at at the CS 534 web page.

Avaliable on CS. To run type "prolog".
Available on WPI. To run type "pl".
Available on CS & WPI.
Available on Hazel. Neural Nets. Version 5.0 from MITRE.
(Needs upgrading).
Visual Basic
Available on PC.


Editors,Window Managers and other utility packages


Reference Manuals

SUN OS manuals
Programmer's Guide
Systems Programmer's Guide
Network Programmer's Guide
Documentation tools
Utilities and Libraries
Xerox m/c Manuals
IPC Manuals
GBB reference manuals
FrameMaker user manuals
Allegro Common Lisp, Composer & CLIM manuals
CLIPS manuals
DEC Windows manuals
OSF/Motif Programmer guides and Manuals
Visual Basic Manuals
XVT Manuals
You can even find reference books for Lisp, Prolog etc. in the AI Lab. Proceedings of the AAAI Conferences and the IJCAI conferences are available in the Lab.

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