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AIRG members share interests in the theory and applications of AI and knowledge-based systems. Current and past research interests include intelligent tutoring, data mining, knowledged-based design, intelligent interfaces, multi-agent systems, machine learning, computer vision, case-based reasoning, iconic interfaces, knowledge acquisition, and the validation & verification of expert systems.



Artificial Intelligence Research Group

Meeting Time: AIRG will not be meeting this year
Location: FL 246, Beckett Conference Room.
Coordinator: --
Faculty: J.Beck, D.C.Brown, M.A.Gennert, N.T.Heffernan, X.Kong, D.Korkin, C.Rich, C.Ruiz & C.L.Sidner.
Schedule: Topics scheduled
Mailing list: airg [at] cs.wpi.edu

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Other Current and Past Related Projects

Technical Reports

A list of AIRG technical reports is available. To request a report send email to research@cs.wpi.edu

Current (and Past) Members

The members of AIRG include faculty as well as graduate students.

Meeting topics

A list of the current and past schedules of presentations and discussions is available.

AI Graduate Courses

Courses currently offered are:
  • CS540 - AI Approaches to Design
  • CS534 - Artificial Intelligence
  • CS538 - Knowledge-Based Systems
  • CS539 - Machine Learning
  • CS549 - Computer Vision
  • Plus a variety of CS 525 courses such as Intelligent Interfaces, Intelligent Tutoring, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, and Graphical Models for Reasoning Under Uncertainty.

AI Lab resources

The AI & ITS Lab, in FL 312, has a variety of machines, software, documentation, books and proceedings available. It currently houses the Intelligent Tutoring Systems research students. Access is restricted, and requires the permission of the Lab coordinator, Prof. Heffernan.

AI Webliography

Here are some useful sources of information about:

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