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AIDG is not meeting this year.
Please contact Prof. Brown to learn more.

The AI in Design Group (AIDG) at WPI has been involved for over 20 years in a variety of design-related projects. It has had a wide variety of distinguished visitors. It tries to maintain links with other AI in Design researchers worldwide, and keep up with their research. Much of this information is captured in the AI in Design Webliography, and in the Design Directory.

The group has been meeting every week to discuss the research of group members, to review papers, and to discuss research issues. Members of this group are also involved with Artificial Intelligence Research Group activities.


AIDG Meetings

Meeting Time: No meetings this year.
Location: tbd.
Coordinator: Prof. David C. Brown
Schedule: Topics scheduled
Mailing list: aidg [at] cs.wpi.edu

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AIDG Projects

Members of the Group

Past members:
  • Dr. Janet Burge, Dr. Marton Balazs, Dr. Dan Grecu, Dr. Cirrus Shakeri, Dr. Jingwen Liu
  • Joe Gorman, Bertram Dunskus, Ilan Berker, Anzy An, Rob Douglas, Ming He, Sundar Victor, Dr. Mansig Kim, Maryann Spillane, Edmund Meehan, Emad Muntasser, Rosemary (Horner) Chabot, Dr. Edward Large, Ujjwell Trivedi, Reimin Kwauk, Dr. Bill Sloan, Teresa Chiang, Amal Kassatly, Dr. Doug Green.

Technical Reports

The technical reports of our group can be found in the general AI technical reports list.

AI in Design course

Every two years an AI in Design graduate course is offered.

AI in Design Webliography

Here are some useful sources of information about AI in Design.

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