WPI Computer Science Department

25th Birthday Bash!

The WPI CS department is 25 years old! ... or 26, or 27! The undergrad program started in 1970, the grad program in 1969, the first faculty member in 1968.

We will have a celebration on:

Saturday 30th September, 1995 10-noon, Top Floor Atrium, Fuller Labs.

This is during the Homecoming weekend. You are ALL invited--all 2000 of you! If you are in contact with other CS alumni then please contact them to let them know about this event. We'll have cake, balloons, open labs, and family fun. Come and learn about our first programs, and tell us about yours.

We look forward to seeing you here!



10:00-10:30 : Input and Initialization
Birthday Cake & other refreshments
Research Labs open -- talks, posters, demos
Research Group and Lab reunions

10:30-11:30 : Output of header and Main Processing
Welcome: WPI President, Provost & CS Dept. Head
Departmental History & Herstory
Award for the earliest CS grad that shows up
Other entertainment

11:30-noon : Output Results and Exit
Research Labs open -- talks, posters, demos
Building tours

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