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The WPI Computer Science Department proposes that the following format be used for all documentation of programs developed in introductory courses. It is also designed to have utility for higher level courses.

The documentation formed by using the format is intended to either be written as a "header" to the program source, or as accompanying documentation. In the latter case it will be necessary to repeat at least the basic information in the program source so that the program is self-identifying.

This documentation format is not intended to remove the need for in-program comments, or the need for conforming to layout conventions. In addition, all special instructions from the instructor about documentation should also be obeyed.

Not all sections will need to be completed for all classes or projects. However, students should attempt to keep this format intact as a way of standardizing their documentation. It is important that the students be taught to complete this concisely.


The motivation for this proposal is that its adoption should:
  • Encourage professionalism in our students;
  • Set uniform course expectations;
  • Improve the quality of software from our graduates;
  • Improve the quality of software from our project students;
  • Predispose students to accept the concepts presented in Software Engineering courses;
  • Make grading more uniform and easier.


Documentation Template

Sample Documentation

Empty Documentation Template

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